AMA District II Dinner Dance
Here I Sit…2,455 in a Series

February 23, 2008

by Michelle Reutty

Here I sit at a corner table, my wares spread before me. Everyone who enters has to pass by this table. I am at the AMA District II Annual Dinner Dance at the VFW Hall in Manville, selling chocolate.

And while they didn’t get the 150 people they were aiming for they did get 144 merrymakers to attend…and that’s a damned sight better than the 80 who came out and had a great time last year!

The “colors” of the different clubs are wonderful to behold...the artwork on some of them is very symbolic. I think that deserves an article of its own! The Knights of Fire, Road Runners, Dawn Patrol, and Iron Knights were among the groups well represented. (Note for the future…Butch called the tables up to get their food by the largest number of club members present going first!)

Though our Sister Spokies didn’t all wear colors (our Dan did!) we were well represented. We took up the better part of two tables. Michele Monaco and her companion Rich cut a mean rug...they look pretty darn good on the dance floor together. Susan Matta is here with her FRIEND Gary, and they both dance very, very well, though they slow dance very, very close. (In a Show and Tell, I told him the story behind my one tattoo and he took me on a guided tour of the multitudinous tatts he could legally show me-wonderful stories behind each one of them…very meaningful). Linda and her Dan look great in their matching cowboy hats-Yee Haw! Jay is wearing a beautiful sparkly top that shows off her “assets”. And Arden looks very splendid indeed. Patty, our Prez presides over her table which includes me and Chocolate Meister for Life, Barbara Zimmerman. Kathy Stelnik shows up with her Paul, who reminded me I was to be his guest at next Friday’s social meeting of the Dawn Patrol, where I would sell chocolate.

Spokes-Women Members Who Attended
Front Row - Pat, Susan, Jay, Linda, Kathy
Back Row - Barbara, Mickey, Dan, Arden, Michele

There are lots of pictures being taken...Butch, the President of District II hired a professional photographer who took pictures of the tables, but many had brought their own cameras. We are a good looking bunch and we should be recorded for posterity at this moment in time.

The food was good and plentiful, and the VFW kept it coming. Roast beef with gravy, chicken Franchese, sausage and peppers, baked ziti, green beans, salad, rolls...and the dessert ‘bout your sugar overload-pardon me if I forgot a few, but they had cheese cakes, with and without cherry topping, crumb cakes, white chocolate macadamia cookies as well as chocolate chip, two cakes, one with an American flag on it. Yummo, as the sainted Rachel Ray would say…

Tonight there is a mellow mood. Everyone is laughing, everyone is smiling. Everyone is full of good cheer. Laughter rings through the hall and the DJ is starting to play dance music, as opposed to the listening music he played while we ate. Who let the dogs out???? Ask the Knights of Fire...they had the chorus down pat.

The door prizes were distributed (our group won three! And Pat donated that beautiful Italian dinner basket), the 50/50 was called ($230!) and the lights went up.

Butch thanked everyone sincerely and singled out some of the people who worked extra hard to make the evening such a success-the mark of a great leader is recognizing the team that you lead. I gave him a box of clusters in thanks and told him he sure knew how to throw a party!

Michele M.’s Rich says to me, “See you again, same time, next year!”

Barbara and I have sold $157.50 worth of chocolate. I pack up and Dan, our man, carries the heavy box out to my car for me.
It has been a very good evening indeed!

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