September Sunday Outing

On Sunday, Jan, Pita, Danny and I went for a ride in the afternoon. Since we were having a late start, Pita and I decided to pick a restaurant in Harmony to go and have a late lunch/early supper.

We met Jan in Chester and then took some great back roads over Schooley's Mt, down along the Musconetcong River to New Hampton. Then over to Asbury to Broadway and up to Merrill Creek Reservoir. Every time I had been there, someone else was leading, so it was sheer luck that I found it the first try, those mountain roads can be very confusing....besides the fact I was coming in a different direction than usual.

It's a great place, I'll have to take the SW there some time. We tried taking pictures with all the butterflies and the hummingbirds....but my camera was a little too slow.

When we left Merrill, we went directly to the restaurant, Brew-ha-ha....only to find out that it was closed down. Quickly Pita, Danny and I discussed our options, I knew of a place up Brass Castle Road, had been there many years ago on a date....but I didn't know the name.

We get to the Roaring Rock Tavern only to find out that it just we opted for Enzo's in Washington....a place that the SW have been to on the Scott House rides. By this time we were so hungry, we went through three baskets of great bread before our meals got there.

With our bellies full, we took off over the mountain again towards Califon where we put Jan on to 512 and on her way home.

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