Million Mile Man

Congratulations to Dave Zien, former Wisconsin State Senator and longtime champion of bikers’ rights, for his unprecedented ride into history on April 4 as the odometer on his 1991 FXRT Harley-Davidson turned 00000 for the tenth time!  Zien became the first person to ride the same Harley-Davidson motorcycle 1 million miles, which may be the most mileage on any motorcycle ever!

The feat earned him a world record from the Iron Butt Association, the international organization that oversees and governs safe, long-distance motorcycle riding challenges, which was present at Hal’s Harley-Davidson in New Berlin, WI to witness the achievement.

During his time in the saddle, Zien has collected numerous riding records, including logging 1,616 miles in 24 hours and riding 3,032 miles in 48 hours, and through 48 states in eight days. He also has gone through three engines, a couple of transmissions and too many tires to count.

The Harley-Davidson Motor Co. recognized Dave’s accomplishment by presenting him with a 2009 FLHXR in exchange for his Million Mile Bike, which is reportedly headed to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame.  The long-serving legislator is already inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame for not only his riding achievements but for his motorcycle rights advocacy during his 18-year tenure in the state legislature.

During his years as a lawmaker, Zien was known for becoming the state’s first motorcycle-riding legislator.  Bikers’ rights got Zien involved in politics, as he founded the Wisconsin Better Bikers Association after returning from Vietnam and helped repeal the state’s mandatory helmet law.  He has also served for many years on the Legislative Task Force for the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM-LTF), and has lobbied against adult helmet laws in numerous states and on the federal level.

In addition to his staunch support of bikers’ rights issues, as a Marine combat veteran he dedicated much of his public service to advocating for veteran’s affairs.

At last report, Dave was reluctant to leave his trusty stead behind, but as the first digits roll across his new odometer, a journey of a million miles begins anew.

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