Greenwood Lake
by Barbara Zimerman

A month before I left NJ, my son Billy and I rode to Jan's house and we took off for Laura's sister Pita's and Pita's husband Danny's house - way up north - for a Sunday ride to Greenwood Lake.  Billy irritated Laura as usual. Billy, Rabbit Ears are my job!!!  You know what they say about paybacks!!!!

It was a blistering hot August day.  We rode up through Vernon, into Warwick and over the mountain to Greenwood Lake for lunch at Emerald Point.  The lake looked cool.  (picture 2.JPG)  Parking spaces were scarce but happily none of us ended up parking in the lake. 



Laura ordered us to make ourselves presentable. Yeah! Like that will every happen with Helmets.  Then Billy, Laura and Jan immediately ran to catch up with  Barbara...for the shaded bar overlooking the lake.

Ah, at last shade and cool drinks on the porch. After a great lunch, Jan was in the mood for a swim - "Hey - watch my backward flip into the lake."  (picture 6.JPG)  But Laura prevailed and ordered us all back on the bikes for home.  Just a Sunday afternoon excursion with Laura.  

Barbara is sure going to miss my great rides.....LOL!   We all ready miss her.

(Written by Barbara Z., edited in red by Laura S.)


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