Cornucopia – November 16th
by Laura Sisto

Week four of Polar Bear was to the Cornucopia in Port Jervis NY….since it is north of me; I set the meeting place at the Panera in Mt. Olive NJ. Are you getting the feeling that I like Panera??? 

Carol and Jan met at the Piscataway Legion and then rode up together.  Mickey wasn’t able to make it this week. I met Pita and Danny at their house and off we went the 2 miles to the Panera where we pulled in next to Carol’s bike pictured on the left. We don’t know why Jan parked hers in a different spot…..maybe it had a cold?  (pictured on the right.)

The three of us didn’t top off our bikes; we were at 117, so the agreement was to go get it in Newton on our way up. We got to Newton, where we fell behind 6 bikes from the Star Chapter, and I completely forgot about the gas.  

If you have ever ridden up 519 in Sussex County you know what a great road it is….I was in my groove, following behind the Stars, keeping an eye on my group behind me, and enjoying the curves and sights.   

It wasn’t until we got to the intersection of RT 23 that I looked at my mileage 153….oh my God, Danny usually runs out at 145…he must be on fumes!!!! Since I know these roads so well, I know that there isn’t another gas station until we get over High Point Mountain. 

I spent more time looking in my mirror, to make sure he was still there, then I did at the road in front. I knew if he could make it to the top of the mountain, he could coast all the way down to the gas station. We made it at 169 miles……his tank is 4 gallons, and he put in 3.98…..whoa that was close.

We got to Cornucopia, there were a ton of bikes there, and we ran into Adrienne who rode up with Knight of Fire. It was nice seeing her, she said her sister is doing much better and she gave her the day off.

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