The Sun City Carolina Lakes Riders
by Barbara Zimmerman

Hey dear friends,
I am the secretary of the newly organized SCCL Riders in SC.  We had our first meeting on November 3rd.  I wrote this article for the clubs' news section if the Sun City Carolina Lakes monthly magazine -  "Living."
                                          The SCCL Riders Club
Like to motorcycle with a group of fun-loving riders who sight-see and eat?  Try us out!  We meet briefly at 9:00 a.m. on the first Saturday of the month at the Lake House in the Card Room - and ride!  But don't wait for a meeting to join us, contact Ed Pearl, Jim Abel or Barbara Zimmerman, and catch one of our rides between meetings.
The SCCL Riders average twenty-six years riding experience, ranging from one to fifty years of riding (two members in the latter category).  We ride a variety of bikes from a lone Beamer and Kawi to Yamahas and Hondas, which are only outnumbered by HD's by two, according to our somewhat imprecise stats!  (We have to sit some of our riders down at a table long enough to complete President Ed Pearl's questionnaires!!)
Our more than able Road Master, Jim Abel, (yup, pun intended) scheduled our first breakfast ride of the new year on chilly New Year's Day.  Thirteen bikes, some with passengers astride and four vehicles, including a Classic Camaro Super Sport, about twenty-five people in all, took off for a "crisp" ride to JoMar's for breakfast with a scenic tour back to Sun City.  Yours truly, who has been in bed since Christmas, was represented by proxy by my son from NJ who thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie and the ride - frozen though he was.
We look forward to meeting more riders at our next meeting on February 7, if not earlier.  Keep the shiny side up! 
I'm attaching a picture of the members who went on the ride this chilly New Years Day in the south - 27 degrees!  Billy really froze!  And here's a picture of me too.  I got bronchitis and sinus infestion and have been in bed since the day after Christmas.  I went out to get in the picture of the SCCL Riders that I asked Billy to take for me.  Then I came home and did the self portrait.  LOL!!
Love, Barbara
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