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Lebanon Woman Rings In 100th By Riding Hog

She's Has Been Riding Harley's Since 1927

POSTED: 8:14 am EDT June 2, 2009
UPDATED: 11:26 am EDT June 2, 2009

Turning one hundred is an accomplishment in itself, but to celebrate it the way Alice King did is just about unheard-of.

Alice King rang in her hundredth year with a cake, family and friends, and a Harley ride.

Alice King Has Been Riding Harley's Since 1927

King has been riding motorcycles since 1927, so her family teamed up with Granite State Harley Davidson to surprise her with her birthday wish of riding one more time - along with dozens of other bikers from the area, who had never even met her.

"I had two brothers that had them and a friend and it seems as though I was always riding them around," said King at her birthday celebration.

And the milestone was an inspiration to her fellow bikers for the day: the guys who were twice her size and half her age.