The Making of a Biker Chair
by Janet Rich

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For those of you who don’t know, there is a little town in south Jersey called Millville. The small town has an event all year to highlight a small section of eclectic art type shops in the Glasstown Center Arts District ( This event is call “It’s Third Friday”. This is a night where the shops are open late.


Carol Pierette brought this event to the clubs attention because in addition to being open late on Friday, the village was hosting an event where a club or organization would be given an ordinary “old” wooden chair to decorate as they wish and enter it in a contest. The chair would be voted on by monetary donations. The winning chair club or organization would be given the money from the votes and an additional $100 which would be donated to the clubs chosen charity.


Now when Carol showed up at my house after work with a nasty old wooden chair that looks about ready to fall apart at any moment and a brand spankin new big wheel, which by the way was Harley inspired, I though she had to be joking. I thank the stars that Bill Dudley had offered to help on this project. The man’s engineering mind was the ticket we needed to create this “Franken-Chair”. Not to mention that Bill has a garage full of wonderful implements of construction. The first thing was to paint this nasty thing black. Bob made the chair look almost good with a million coats of flat black.


Me, Carol, and Bob loaded up the truck and moved to Dudley’s place just a short hop from mine in Jackson, NJ. Bill had the same quizzical look when we arrived as I did when Carol arrived at my place. The child’s Big Wheel made him laugh but the first thing he took notice of was how well constructed the small thing was and how he could chop and channel it to fit the task at hand. We all conferred on how it should look with the material we had and Bill orchestrated the whole night. Bob was sent to the grinding wheel to hack apart the frame. This was fun because sparks were flying. The bad part was no one got a photo because we were all too busy watching the sparks fly…duh! Bill measured everything twice, we all took turns drilling, hacking, and trying it out (me, see photo) just to make sure it was believable.


By the time we got done with this master piece it was near 11 PM and the only thing we ate for dinner was a couple granola bars. We loaded the chair into the back of my truck and headed back to my place where we put on the finishing touches. I tried to paint our Mariner’s compass on the chair back, (not sure about that one since I was so tired), and the name of our club also across the back. I put some silver fabric paint on the rungs of the back of the chair to represent studs, and Carol put on some biker stickers just to make sure folks knew what it was supposed to be. It was perfect….. We loaded it carefully into Carol’s front seat and set her off for home. She would run it down to Millville the next day or so.


The chair was a big hit at the village. The last word I heard at the contest’s end was that our chair had the most unofficial money.

We won the grand prize of $100, We made $249 in votes for a total of $349

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