The Spokes-Women MC Chair...
by Janet Rich

The club is participating in an event in Millville, NJ called "Sitting Fine in 2009".

A small team, Bill Dudley, Carol Pieretti, Janet Rich, and Bob Harris, have taken an ordinary "old" wooden chair and transformed it into a motorcycle representing our club...sorta :) It's really cute.

Our chair was on display for 45 days from Feb 12th to March 29th. Each chair was in the village courtyard with a voting box. Voting will be with nickels, dimes, quarters, or dollars. ALL THE MONEY RAISED IN YOUR BOX GOES TO YOUR ORGANIZATION. Want to win? Organizations sent their friends and supporters to the Village and vote for their chair. At the end of the 35 days the Village on High gave an additional $100 to the winning chair.

The Village on High is located in the 500 block of Millville's Glasstown Arts District. The Chair Event had press releases in newspapers throughout South Jersey and in Philadelphia. The 3rd Friday ( is a citywide event drawing people from the surrounding areas. Business were open late, some had live music, many were serving refreshments. This night alone gave organizations a chance to collect votes from the general public.

Club members visited our chair with our colors on. Our chair is in front of Krafty Elaganza, which is owned by Carol's friend Miriam. She puled the chair in and out of her store each day.

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