Wearhouse Grill
by Laura Sisto

January 4th, Polar Bear run to the Wearhouse Grill in Lake Hopatcong. There was snow still in my driveway, so I didn't ride my bike....hence no helmet hair.....besides, I had to go to a party right after, so....another reason not to put on a helmet.

Jan rode up north by herself ....that is a scary thing!!! She called me in the morning and we confirmed the route....up 287N West on 80 to Rt. 15N....to the Woodport exit. As I'm driving to the restaurant, she calls me from Riverdale exit on 287, she never saw Rt. 15......Oh Dear....she forgot all about Rt 80. I put her back on the right path.....and NO she didn't add the 30 extra miles to her PB count.

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