Trick ot Suite 2009!

Once again the Spokes Women Motorcycle Club participated in "Trick or Suite" this Halloween.  This is an event conducted at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Piscataway NJ that gives children who might otherwise be unable to participate in traditional trick-or-treat activities, a fun, safe and handicap-accessible holiday celebration.

Area businesses and organizations each reserve a suite and decorate a "make-believe" world in it and hand out Halloween treats for the children.  This year, SWMC created "Cruising with the Spokes Women",  the deck of a cruise ship with ocean views beyond the ship's rail complete with a dolphin puppet handing out candy.

Our President Liz who usually heads up this effort could not do so this year due to knee surgery, so the job came sort of late to me... a 'newbie' to this event.  But thanks to those who came early... Janet and Bob, Laura, and Shirley who wasn't yet a member (was voted in at November's meeting), the room was decorated on time. Thanks to Linda S. and Stephanie, and the members of Sisters in Spirit, PJ, Dawn & Carol, we had plenty of people to hand out candy.  I tend to stay in the background, actually the back room, replenishing the candy bowls, but peeked out to see so many happy little faces coming and going.

A specail thanks to ITT Technical Institute Multi-Media student Joseph Gottsabend for designing the cruising banners and the spoikes women life preserver used for photos.

Hope I haven't missed anyone who was there... but a big thanks to all for helping to bring off this very worthy and gratifying event.  You helped make the day fun for so many special needs children and child-like adults.

The rest of the pictures ahow the decorations and then some of the trick or treaters.

Once it was all decorated, and yes, we consider Captain Bob to be part of the decorations, The trick or treaters stated to visit.
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