Brian's Harley Davidson Run!
by Laura Sisto

Gloria with Srephanie in the background

March came in like a Lion and as of the 21st. it is going out like a Lamb. Spring weather has arrived, lets hope that it stays around.

On the 21'st, the Polar Bear group went to Brian's Harley Davidson, Langhorne, PA. We met at the Legion, to pick up our chocolate along with other SW members then took a nice ride on some back roads, to the sign up location. Along for this ride we had Gloria, PJ, Shirley, Jan, Nancy (who took the photos), me, and riding on the back of Pita's bike, my daughter Laurie. It was a great day for a ride.

Brian's along with it's HOG Chapter, Bucks County HOG, always serves some food and drinks. This year they had grilled Kielbasa, and some fresh ham to make sandwiches. We stopped at the Diner across the street, so Shirley can grab a Hamburger and the rest of us some dessert.....there we had lot's of laughs at Jan and Nancy's expense....but they were good natured about it.

On the way back home, we went through some back roads in Buck's County crossing over in Frenchtown. It was a good day, a little long, but any day on a Motorcycle, is actually a GREAT DAY!

Jim, Susan, Laura and Pita

Laurie with Brian's in the background

Jan and Gloria waiting for me to get the Chocolate from the tour pack

Shirley and PJ waiting for us

Gloria and Jan ran into Age

Laura, Laurie, Pita, PJ and Shirley

Pita, PJ, Shirley, Gloria, Jan and Luara's back

A HOG member cooking and Laura going to deliver the chocolate
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