Remembering Janie
by Laura Sisto

November is usually a cold month for motorcyclist, most put their bikes away for the season around October. But since several of us participate in the Polar Bear Grand Tour,, the Ride Captain scheduled a ride after our November meeting.

Carol, our Ride Captain, has been suffering with a bad back since June, she can't ride I was leading the group and Carol was going to be my her car. Normally she wouldn't have even gone but we were going on a special ride after Polar Bear, to Freehold to visit Janie.

If you have been following Spokes-Women articles, you would know that in September of 2008 we lost one of our members, Janie (at left), in an unfortunate car accident, no, she wasn't riding her trike, it was car against car.

Carol had gotten a friend to make up a grave blanket in the shape of the Spokes-Women logo, we were going to ride down to put the blanket on Janie's grave...then go to lunch in Freehold.

First stop, Old Bridge Knights of Columbus, the Polar Bear sign up for that Sunday.....being that it was a warm day, the placewas packed.

Once we left Old Bridge, Carol led and the rest of us followed.....she use tolive in Freehold, so I thought she knew where she was going.....I laughed when she put her hand out the window and gave the U-Turn hand signal. She got us to the Cemetery without any further detours.

When we're leaving, I asked if she knew someplace to go for lunch.....she lead us to a tavern right down the road.....since it was closed....we didanother U-turn in the parkinglot. We rode into town and parked then walked down the street to arestaurant....whose name I can't remember...but the food and company were good.

...and the moral of this story, if there were one....don't trust thoseCagers!!! (all you bikerswill know what I mean)




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