Schoch's Harley Davidson
byLaura Sisto

It was a beautiful day for a ride, every Sunday in November has been warm and the crowds at the Polar Bear sites have been large. Jan M. met Deborah, Nancy, Shirley, Bob and Ory at the Legion(001) and led thegroup up to Flanders McDonalds to meet up with Pita,
Gloria and me.

I lead them up some back roads over Cherry Valley to Schoch's where we signed in, chatted withsome people and enjoyed the sun.

Since the food was slim pickens, due to the amount of members who came out, we went to the Snyerville Family Diner.

Ory wasn't able to join us at the diner so you only have Bob, Deborah, Jan, Pita on one side and Nancy, Shirley, Gloria and me on the other.

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