New Technology for Our Raffle Winner
by Laura Joiner

Since I have satellite radio in my car I rarely listen to anything in my outdated CD collection anymore as it sits in a 200-CD changer as part of a stereo system that also has played only satellite radio for years now.

Only yesterday I purchased my first MP3 player... for my 4-year old daughter who listens to music as she falls asleep. Her CDplayer broke for the third time in as many years so I decided it would be more cost effective to replace it with a device with no moving parts. I settled on a relatively inexpensive Sansa Clip 4GB. I quickly learned how to Rip a CD to MP3 format and loaded her 4 favorite CDs onto the device in just a few minutes.

Next I connected some old computer speakers to the device to leave in her room for night time listening. She was more than satisfied and delighted that this replacement for her old CD player also came with pink earmuffs(headphones). Watching her dance around wearing those headphones made me wonder if I should look into purchasingone of these gadgets for myself. Did I mention this all took place only yesterday, Saturday?

Today at our club meeting, I dutifully turned in my book of sold raffle tickets, picked up my chocolate purchases and thought nothing more about it. I really admired the way Janet Rich created such beautiful baskets for the raffle and told her how Ihoped the winners would appreciate how much creative thought went into making them so attractive.

What a shock I had when my name was called for the first prize raffle drawing! I am so delighted to be the recipient of the new ipod Nano 8GB. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The ipod earphones will probably fit under my helmet, though it won't improve my singing.  It will be nice to listen to music on the road.

The next name to be called was Carmela Parker to win the large Easter basket! What a thrill! But I'll let her tell you what she plans to do with all that chocolate.

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