A Jack To Upright A Big Bike
New tool makes it easy
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Update to story 2/11/11:
Upright Manufacturing is now offering a version of its Over-n-Up bike jack that works with Harley-Davidson Softtail models. The part is designated Model HS7. Bolt-on adapters, included in the kit, are needed to use the jack but require no welding or drilling. To make sure you order the correct adapter, be sure you tell them the model year of your Softail.

Jack Model HT8, designed for Harley-Davidson rubber mount Touring Models, now uses bolt-on adapters for all model years (1980 to present) and requires no welding or drilling. The model year of your motorycle is also required to make sure you order the correct adapter.

Check out this new, innovative jack to help upright large Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles. The Over-n-Up Jack is an industrial power screw and nut drive assembly that provides a compact means for transmitting power and motion. The hook-up arrangement creates a pivot point so that when the power screw is rotated, a pushing force cooperates with a pulling force that will position and hold a bike at a desired lean angle.

Made of aluminum and steel and weighing about 4 pounds, the Over-N-Up system can fit right into the bike's saddlebag and is maintenance free.

With practice, the process of uprighting the bike can be completed in about three minutes. The jack is a completely American-machined product that carries a limited lifetime guarantee. It uses industrial power screw components with precision machined and laser cut related parts for extreme reliability.

"This provides a sense of safety insurance," product creator Bruce Bibbee said.

“Everyone thinks they are never going to drop a bike. But, are you sure you are never going to drop a bike?" asks Bruce Bibbee, product inventor. "This way, you are covered if that ever happens and most importantly, you can get the bike back up by yourself without risking injury, or asking for help.”

The Upright Manufacturing Company was started in December of 2009 by Bibbee to offer Harley-Davidson touring motorcycle riders an innovative solution to picking up their own bike in the event that it drops. The Over-n-Up jack can also be used as a lean stand, allowing a rider easier access to the underside for cleanups or service.

Bibbee, who has been riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles for more than 30 years, worked on the lean angle jack concept for about four years before finalizing the product that now has a patent pending. “I started working on something when my own bike fell and I needed help to get it back upright. You have to be able to squat about 225-plus pounds to get these larger bikes back up.”

Over-n-Up system comes complete with frame adapters, tie downs, storage bag, jack and instructions. The only requirements are that the bike is equipped with engine guards and the correct model year frame (bolt-on) adapters are installed. 

To view a comprehensive video showing the Over-n-Up Jack at work in a practical application, visit Uprightmfg.com. Price is $299.95.

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