Polar Bear 2011 – 2012
by Laura

I said last year I wasn’t going to do Polar Bear (PB) this year since I havedone it every year since 2004, and it’s getting a little boring. Same old places, same roads getting there. Besides there is no more room on my vest for any more patches. But they twisted my arm at the Corn Boil this year and here I am again riding in the winter.

This year Pita didn’t sign up because she was down a bike (still broke) but Linda B convinced her she would be doing her a favor using her bike during the winter. That way she didn’t have to waste money on a Spring Tune-up; ride it once or twice during the season and then put it away again….this year it’s going to be used year round. So now Pita is riding PB.

Jan is riding again this year, determined to get her 45 points this year. Cookie and Shirley are both determined to get their 60 points. Since they are the only two who made it down to Cape May the first week, they are getting a good start on that goal.

This year PJ and Cath have also been taking advantage of the great weather and have ridden the past two Sundays with us. Knowing that they won’t be riding when it gets ‘real cold’ they didn’t sign up for PB, but that is fine, we welcome all riders to come along for the ride. Nancy and Bob ride with us from time to time, the more the merrier.

We were very diligent about taking photos the past two years, but have beena little lax this year. Here are some shots taken at week three (Old Bridge above) and week four (Sugar Loaf).

It was a beautiful day for a ride,  after our SW meeting we went to the Knights of Columbus to sign in and then took some back roads down to Cranbury Station  for lunch.   Carmela, Stephanie, Jan, Pita and I had a very nice lunch....too bad Teddy's was closed.

That reminds me, I guess they heard me complaining about it being boring, so they added two new destinations for me….yes, just me.

Barnsider Tavern in Sugar Loaf NY and Franklin House Tavern in Schaefferstown PA.

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