Ride Up the Hudson
by Laura sisto

I had not planned any ride for the 19th of August, but Jan, Terry, Pita and Danny wanted to go for a ride, so I dug out my folder with articles and papers of places I have collected over the years.   Right on top I saw the ‘rip and ride’ for the Raccoon Saloon…somewhere I wanted to go for some time. http://www.raccoonsaloonny.com/About_Us.html

The route started from the George Washington Bridge, which would not do, since I live in Sussex County.  So I altered it somewhat to leave from Netcong where Jan and Terry would meet us. 

They were supposed to be at the Paneras by 9:45 which was 15 minutes later than I wanted.   Well it was a little cool out, 50 degrees. Jan said she met Terry at the Legion but had to go home to get warmer clothes. Terry had her electrics on. I even broke out a heavier fleece, but was sweating in it.

When they all got there, Linda B and family stopped in to get some bread, so by the time everyone said hellos and discussed some riding…it was 10:30 by the time we took off.

We were going up 513 to Greenwood Lake, then up route 5 to Monroe NY ... nice roads.   In Monroe we stopped for gas for Terry and my “got to go” break.   We continued up 208 to Washingtonville NY, where I found a detour for 208 North, it was taking us East on 94, not the way I wanted to go, but I had no choice. 

The detour took us to rt 300 a road that was on my route, but not this far south….oh well, we made the best of it.   Near Newburg we left route 300 for route 32, from there we were to make a right on E Rd. I had no clue what type of road this was but it took us over the mountain and down into the town of Marlboro. As it turns out it was a great road, with lots of curves, orchards, and what I would later find out, several local wineries.  

The outside of the Raccoon Saloon was a littledepressing and we were concerned that we made a mistake in choosing this place, but it turned out to be great food, and the view of the Hudson from the window was gorgeous. 

On our way home I chose a different route, I wanted to ride on route 218 along the Hudson and stop at the overlook in Storm King State Park.   The views from there are amazing.  From there we would ride through Harriman State Park and Seven Lakes Drive ... which thank goodness they finally finished paving ... smooth as glass.

In Sloatsburg we stopped for gas for Jan this time and from there, Danny wanted to go to Wayne to see a man about a bike. So I told Jan and Terry good-bye and told them that we would wave them off on 287 where they were to continue south, a route they were well familiar with.

After going to see the man aboute the bike and they liked the bike…we went home.  From no planned ride to 186 miles on some great roads and country side … it was a good day.

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