Spokes-Women at Lake George

This was Jane and Walt's fifth year at Americade. This year, Barbara Z. and Linda went to Americade and stayed at the same motel. We rode to Lake George on Tuesday, June 2nd and planned to stay until Sunday, June 7th. Other Spokes-Women MC members were to arrive for the weekend. The following are a few pictures of the trip. I have included a short video of our visit to a local ice-cream shop.

Linda waiting for the covered bridge tour to begin
Barbara Z and Jane discuss red bikes with friend
Jane and Barbara -- ultimate shoppers
Linda makes friends with the horse
that will pull our carriage
at The Sagamore
Bike waits to pass our carriage
He's gone

At Wagars Ice Cream Shop

This is a favorite hangout of Americaders and coincidentally, was just across the street from our motel. We decided to pig-out on huge sundaes and Walt had a banana split. I have included a short video of our midnight snack below. Here are some stills from the video.

Barbara can't believe the size
Linda watches Barbara
Barbara is ready to eat
Here comes the split
Dig in Walt

Here are some snapshots provided by Jane and Barbara Z.

Walt and Jane waiting for covered bridge tour to depart
Jane, Barbara, and Linda
Walt and Jane in carriage at the Sagamore
Linda, Barbara, Jane, and Walt after dinner
Barbara, Linda, and Walt -- eating again
We have dessert at Wagars

The following clickable link is a streaming video of Barbara Z, Linda, Walt, and Jane at Wagars Ice Cream Shop. You'll need a RealPlayerPlus 5.0 viewer to see the video.

Spokes-Women at Wagars Ice Cream Shop

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