AMA District 2 Rally 2004

From the Left: Marlene, Linda B., Barbara, and friends, Kim, Tom and Gloria

Laura, Linda B, Butch from Raritan Roadrunners holding plaque they won for most members in attendance and Barbara


Marlene, Gloria and Barbara left the Bradley Gardens Fire House to find the five covered bridges on the 100+ mile route sheet into and out of PA. Because the rain ended only shortly before sign-in, 75 miles of the route that was to be limed was not. So, we divided the directions among us and wrote them on our side view mirrors with a china marking pencil. The pencil worked great but following the directions - well - that was interesting!

We started off through Duke Farms off Rte 206. A branch fell from a tree missing Barbara's head by a foot! But it split nicely and Barbara smartly rode between the pieces. Cooperation was the key, especially for the "pit" stop on the side of a road - somewhere. Marlene had paper towels and Gloria had Wet Ones. It was wonderful finding and riding through four of the five covered bridges. We were never sure, however, if the 45 degree angle two track goat path down the side of a hill was actually part of the route or not. But we were rewarded with a covered bridge at the bottom of the hill!

Laura Sisto and Linda Brown arrived well after the first of us left the Firehouse to do their version of the Rally route. We all arrived at the same time at Dawn Patrol's Club House to find Kim and Tom Jancewicz ready to scompf down the traditional fare plus a new item - delicious deli sandwiches. It was a blast!

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