March Video Night / St. Patrick's Day Party

Laura and Tom seated by the patio doors, Arden, Barbara reaching for food, Patty and Donna listen to someone off camera.

On Saturday, March 19th, Barbara hosted video night and a St. Paddy's Day meal!

I must say it has been quite some time, if not years since I have had the corned beef/cabbage, Barbara's corned beef and cabbage was excellent! Pat and Arden brought these great cucumber/cream cheese bites on pita and Jean broke out the salsa/chips and guacamole. Pam brought cheese/crackers and pepperoni, and of course the iced Corona Donna brought washed it all down beautifully!

Along with the corned beef and cabbage, Tam and Judy brought the potatoes and this great raisin bread! Cathy brought carrots and Gloria's Mom made beef stuffed cabbage. To say we feasted doesn't give the meal justice.

Kim and Tom brought cookies and Kim wore the coolest hat that flashed clovers! Linda and Alex brought dessert, cheese cake, brownies and a lemon curd mousse cake. Laura brought a homemade after dinner drink that looked innocent but probably would knock you on your butt.

Some of us actually watched the movie! Alex brought "The Motorcycle Diaries" which depicted the travels of Ernesto Guevaro and his friend along South America. They started out on an old Norton 500 but ended up footing it after they hit a cow. I hope the trip to Sturgis starts out better!

The movie was subtitled in English. Laura listened and the rest of us speed read!

Kim's cool Hat! It had lights on it that flashed.

 Patty and Arden waiting for the feasting to begin.

We started with drinks and appetizers in the kitchen. Kim is standing talking to Laura and Tom while Arden and Donna are listening to someone else.

Jean and Cathy G. pose for the camera.

Geez....what happened to all the food? Gloria in the wooden chair, Jean to her left, Kim and TOm by the window, Cathy and Pam stop talking long enough for me to take the picture.

Appetizers are over and everyone is milling about waiting for the main course to get done.

Gloria, left, and Judy, right seem engaged in a serious conversation. In the background, Linda B., Jean and Cathy G. chat.

Pam, left and Alex wave for the camera.

Donna poses while others mill around waiting for dinner to begin.

Looks like most folks decided to sit down and wait.

Linda B. is getting the dining room table ready for dinner.

We finally settled in for the main course. Alex, at the end, Barbara, our hostess, Arden and Patty.

Tam, Judy, Alex and Barbara chowing down.


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