Windward Hotel - Wildwood 2004

The water was warm, but the air was cool

Roe is test driving a bike

This is the last year at the Windward

Barbara, Arden, Patty and Bill relaxing

Janet and Marlene dancing at Disco Windward

Barbara and Patty cutting a rug.

Marlene waiting for the pizza.

Time to eat.

Laura's expecting her first child

Pizza is a balanced meal, isn't it?

Roe's wearing her Spokes-Women T-shirt

Roe's chats with Judy. Patty and Tam are watching the dancers.

Liz and Charlie get an early start while Angela watches.

Liz, Angela and Joe listen to Bill telling stories.

Joe and Bill

Marlene relaxes while Laura and Angela chat.

Club members' children play in the pool
Patty, Corky, Roe and Arden
Marlene and Janet get oral
Our Trusty Two-Wheeled Steeds




Jeffery, son of member Annmarie pretty much grew up with the club. His Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle and their children join the club and make Wildwood a family vacation each year. This year Jefferey spent the weekend with us and his aunt and uncle while his mom was in the hospital recovering from surgery and his dad was at her side.

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