Questions We Get Asked

We are asked many questions by women (and men) riders. Check the following questions. If yours isn't here, send us an E-mail.

Do you have any chapters near me?

We are a local club in New Jersey, USA only. We have had members move away and request that they be allowed to form their own chapters outside NJ. So far we have resisted because of our limited resources.

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What are the requirements for membership?

Click Here for current information

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How can I find out more information about the Spokes-Women?

Send and email to

requesting information and the membership chairperson will send you information.

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When and where do you meet and how do I get there?

We meet the second Sunday of the month in Piscataway, NJ. Contact us for further details.

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Are men allowed?

Associate members may be elected by S-W members. Such members are always sponsored by regular members and can be husbands, boy friends, or other males who have demonstrated support for the club.

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I don't ride yet but want to learn. Can I still be a member?

A non-rider can be an associate member. Associate members must be sponsered by a full member in good standing.

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Can you be a member without attending meetings?

We expect members to be active according to the membership requirements in the club bylaws. We don't have any cyber members.

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