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Donna Warren

From the email I receive and my website traffic statistics, we have a lot of readers out there on the web. I've decided to start sharing some of the email I receive. If you have a comment, a question or whatever, Click Here and tell me what's on your mind.

There has been quite a bit of debate lately about what the differences between women motorcyclists and male motorcyclists are.

GOT AN OPINION? Click Here and tell us what YOU think the differences are. (Oh, please let us know whether you are male or female.)

I received some really nice comments on last month's spread on our club's Wildwood Weekend. I thought I'd share a few of them. This first comment came from Toni in Southern California

Loved your web-page..... Went to visit it as a result of the little write up in Newsweek, June 28, 2004..... Very Cool.

The next comment was from our Ride Captain.

"WOW, WOW, WOWIE!!! Everything about the Newsletter is fabulous - great articles by Angela, Patty and Marlene, fantastic pictures with neat subtitles!!! Thank you all, especially you, Donna. Thank you and all the contributors!! Love, Barbara "

The last comment on the newsletter is from Angela, who wrote that great article about Wildwood. She had this to say,

"What a great job you did inserting the pictures, thanks...."

I took most of the pictures featured last month. Don't you just love it when someone pets your ego? I sure do. (If you missed Angela's article Click Here to read it and check out the Archives for other articles.)

On a different topic, one of our prospects, Kate, had this to say about being a woman biker.

"I feel so very proud to be a woman biker and a candidate to be a Spokeswoman member someday."

Finally, Michele R. sent an interesting link about a couple traveling the country to raise money for organizations providing dogs to the handicapped. Click Here to check out the web site about this interesting project.

Remember, if you have anything you'd like to say, Click Here and say it.

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