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Donna Warren

Well, folks, no one sent me any interesting or controversial questions or comments this month. But, I did receive some follow up on past columns as well as a very nice letter from North Dakota:

"Greetings from Blue Knights North Dakota 2!

It’s enjoyable to see that more women are riding their own motorcycles. In North Dakota women gather each year to ride and spend the weekend together with women riders from several states and Canadian provinces. Your club has a great site and hopefully we will have ours up and running soon. Our chapter, as yours, has riders with varied backgrounds but with the common ground of being in law enforcement. Currently we have members from the police and sheriff’s departments from several communities as well as federal and military law enforcement. And, of course, there are those of us who have retired but still are active members.

Each year our chapter hosts a run for diabetes which we give to the state organization and are able to have riders from around the state participate. As well, we ride with the clubs who sponsor their charity rides."

Ride safely.
Mike Knoop, Past President ND2, Det Sgt (retired)

PS. (Mike, a couple of our members work in law enforcement too.)

Now for the follow up. I heard from our friend Josh, the young man who asked about taking the MSF safety course:

Dear Spokes-Women Members:

"I took the course as you suggested. As much as I hate to admit it, I did learn some stuff. Riding on the road is different. Best of all, my Mom is happy and when I told my friends that the only reason I was taking the course was to make my Mom happy, no one laughed at me."


Josh, I'm glad we could help. May you always keep the rubber to the road and the shiny side up.

I also received this note from Melinda in Ohio:

"After reading your column on women's motorcycle clubs, I decided to see if some of the other women I know who ride would like to do a "girls-only ride". Four of us left on a Saturday morning for a 75-mile ride to a town that has a famous outlet mall. The plan was to do lunch and then go shopping. Other than some really heavy traffic as we got close to the mall area, we had a blast. Although figuring out how to carry all the stuff we bought home was a bit of a challenge.

I think I understand what your members were talking about now. It is nice to spend some time riding with just other women..."

Melinda from Ohio

Melinda, I'm glad you found some friends to ride with. One of the first things I learned after I joined Spokes-Women was how to ship my purchases home, so I could buy stuff that was too big or breakable and not have to worry about how I was going to get it home. It works great and most stores can ship things for you. You might want to try it next time.

I'm not the only one who gets email for the club. All Board members can be reached through our website's contact page. Laura, our outgoing treasurer, received this note from one of our visitors:

"Hi Laura-

I had a great time on Sunday. This was my first group ride and a wonderful experience. Just wanted to thank u for being so receptive to both Drew and I. I am so anxious to pass the safety course and cant wait to "get this show on the road". All of the gals were so friendly and helpful. I just love the volunteer work that the club does and would be honored to be a part of it..."


Barbara, we look forward to having you and Drew join us.

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