Letters To The Editor


Donna Warren

April, 2005

I have a pair of canadian geese that visit me every year. They think the pond that forms on my pool cover in the winter is a great place to swim. Even after I open the pool, they bring their babies to swim until they leave again for Canada.

They arrived on April 12th this year. When I saw the female sunning herself on top of the " pool pillow" while her mate stood watch, I knew the warm weather was on its way.

I've been corresponding with a young woman named Lara from Croatia. She wrote...

" Hi, my name is Lara, and I am from croatia. ,I just want to say that you are very lucky to have many women share your love to motorcycles. Here people have a bad opinion about girls who are riding a moto...I am riding a bike but it isn't mine. We are a small country and here people are very old fashioned so they are not used to seeing a girl with a bike if it's not a scooter. My parents are scared that I'll get hurt but I love riding a bike....I feel free...

I am young (16), and when I finish the highschool I plan to moved out from here and start to traveling around USA. I plan on studying too, but maybe my passion for motorcycles is too strong...However I think that you are great and I hope that you will keep going, so one day maybe I get to know SPOKES-WOMEN...

Can tell me is it how things are over there? I always think that USA are right place to be in...!see ya, bye, Lara"

Does anyone have any advice for Lara?


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