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Donna Warren

January 2005: This month I received this note from a soldier. I do just love compliments.

"Wanted to say your site looks great! I'm a woman who rides (as a full patched member) with Military Veteranís Motorcycle Club, and Iím very pleased to see other women out there making changes in the ways people think about women and motorcycles! "

TSG Tamsen S. Thistlehawk-Ranck, Curmudgeon, Munitions Accountability Systems Section

I received this email from a young boy.

"My name is Bobby. I am 12. My Dad says most normal women are afraid of motorcycles. Are your members different from most women?"

Bobby from Ohio

Well, Bobby, most of the time I ask the membership to answer the questions I get but, in this case, I want to answer your question. I'm not really sure what your Dad means by normal women so I'll ignore that.

Spokes-women members are no different than the members of other women's groups. Some of us are single, some married. Some are mothers. Some are grandmothers. We have students, homemakers and working women. Some members have ordinary jobs. Some are professionals. We belong to many different religions and political parties. Our members range in age from early twenties to almost 70.

Like the members of any organization, we joined the club because we share common interests. In this case, our common interests are our love of motorcycles and our desire to help others. Spokes-Women contributes money to several charitable organizations and other worthy causes each year. Being a women's motorcycle club, we support charities and worthy causes that benefit women and children. Participation in our fundraising activities is a requirement for membership. So is riding a motorcycle. All full members must have a valid motorcycle license and be female.

Men and non-riding women can be associate members. While most of the members husbands don't join the club, some do and are associate members.

I've been riding motorcycles for over 30 years. When I started riding I was 16. Back then everybody thought I was crazy because I liked riding motorcycles. (You know, Girls aren't supposed to like dangerous things...) Today, more women are riding motorcycles now than ever before. My 5 year old granddaughter told me not too long ago that she was going to ride a motorcycle when she gets big so she she can go riding with grandma and daddy. I hope she does.

So, Bobby, while most women (and many men) may still be afraid to ride a motorcycle, lots of us aren't afraid. Maybe when you get older, you'll try riding a motorcycle. Who know? Maybe you'll like it too.


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