Letters To The Editor


Donna Warren

December, 2005

Since I didn't put out a newsletter last month (the first time since I took over as editor of the newsletter in 2001), I have answers from members to two different questions I had asked them.

For the First Question I asked members what they were thankful for. Here are the answers I received:


Linda Brown - "To the Spokes-Women, M.C. and to Laura S, Barbara Z, Pita and Danny, thanks for all your planning, leading, and encouragement for our trip to Sturgis. And, to all the other gals who made this trek as well, especially Jan, who 'saged' us every morning, it was a wonderful experience. And, to God, who kept us safe the whole trip. A breathtaking, memory-filled trip of a lifetime for me. Thank You."

Jan - "I am thankful for this day and my life. I am thankful to my family and friends .. and thankful that I have a great two bikes to ride."

Barbara Zimmerman - "I am thankful for motorcycling! I found my passion - filled with wonderful friends and acquaintances and miles of beautiful views."

Michele R - " I'm thankful for a roof over my head and heat clanking through the radiators when it snows.
I'm thankful for those I love who are still with me and those who loved me and have passed on.
I'm thankful every day that all the parts are working. (mechanical and physical!)"

My second question was about winter riding. I asked why prople why they rode or didn't ride. Two answers were long enough that I treated them as articles rather answers. See Winter Riding and Confession of a First-time Polar Bear. Here are the other answers I received.


Linda Brown - "Well, I'm one of those who doesn't ride during the winter. I guess I'm a warm weather rider, although I did ride to the meeting last Sunday and enjoyed it. First of all, I don't have all the 'electrics' needed to ride throughout the winter. I'm told they are expensive and it will take me until April to pay off my Sturgis trip, then I have to start saving for the trip to Athens, GA, that kind of takes care of that! I found out during the trip through Wyoming that I could, indeed, ride in 30degrees+ weather, but, I feel much more comfortable riding when it is warmer. "

Barbara - "Because otherwise I'd miss riding. I ride year-round. The best winter accessories to buy are Gerbing's heated suit, gloves and socks. I started with heated gloves and vest but on the really cold days they didn't cut it. And they must be Gerbing's hated wear. I ride in cold weather because I love doing the Polar Bear Grand Tour!! I wouldn't just ride in cold weather for the fun (?) of it. LOL!! No - it's for the camaraderie of the other Polar Bears and the challenge!"

She also suggested that electric grip heaters (home made) and electric vest (home made) were essential for cold weather riding.

Carol - "I am planning on doing some winter riding. I just purchased some heated clothing from Gerbing. I'll let you know how is after I try it out."

Michele M. ( gentlemcrider) - "I would love to ride all year long. But having to bundle up for super cold winter days are not enjoyable, getting into the car or onto the bike. We had a mild winter a few years ago and I did ride all that year...Loved that. "

Some of our members made the polar bear website.

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