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Donna Warren

January, 2006

I got an assortment of things in the mail this month, mostly from members. This comes from Michele R.

Contest for New Women Riders

If you are a woman who is over 21 years of age, go get your license, find a riding coach and get your skills in shape. You could be riding to Sturgis in 2006. There is a contest that ends on May 1, 2006. Anyone with less than two years riding experience can enter. For more information go to:


The club sells chocolate candy for Easter as our annual fund raiser. this is from Barbara.

Chocolate Sales

"Easter is April 16. Every Eater, the Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club offers fine chocolates for sale and raffle tickets for two chocolate-filled baskets. Members are required by our bylaws to participate in our annual fund-raiser.

This year we are taking orders for the kits. You must e-mail me if you want a kit. Or - you can sell from the brochure. The brochures with sample baggies will be distributed at the February 12 meeting. The kits will be distributed at the March 12 meeting. The last day to send me an order is March 26. But you can send in your order sheet as soon as you are finished selling. Chocolates will be distributed at the April 9 meeting.

The proceeds from the raffle and chocolate sales for the last few years were about $3,000.00 of which 40% was donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, 40% to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the remaining 20% for other charities offering assistance to women and children, such as the Scott House for children, the family of a motorcycle instructor who died, and, a family in need that Patty G sponsors at Christmas.

Please direct any questions to me and place your order for a kit by the February 12 meeting."

The club distributed 5, 10 and 15 year pins to members for the first time at the holiday party this. Not everyone who received a pin was able to make the party. So this came from Lynn.

"I received the 10 year pin and the SWMC pen in the mail. Thank you so much for sending them to me down here in Florida. The pen is a really nice one! I'm proud to have the pin. I just wish I could ride with the club more. Maybe next year.

Tell everyone I said Hi! I'm off of the cane now and getting PT 3 times a week. Doing better every day. Trying to get rid of my limp! lol And, I'm getting itchy to ride! yeah!

Well, stay warm and dry. Thanks again for remembering me."


The club plans to Attend the Women in Motorcycling Conference in Athens, GA in force in June. Here is a reminder from Alex.

For those members who have not yet obtained a registration sheet for the conference, I will have copies at the February meeting. However, you may download and print out the application directly from the AMA website:
The deadline has been extended until March 31, for a $25 discount.

Pat is making up business cards for all members. If you haven't gotten yours yet, please contact Pat G.

It IS the time to GET THE SAFETY CHORES DONE on your ride. I for one don’t want a breakdown on the first ride of the new season, or any other time for that matter. Check those tires, change the oil, and other fluids. Give the bike a good cleaning, and a coat of wax won’t hurt either. Maybe even sign up and take a riding course. Who knows, you might just learn something or be reminded of a trick that will save your butt this year.


Remember, if you want share information, have a questions or if there is anything else you'd like to say, Click Here and say it.


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