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Donna Warren

April, 2006

This month's question comes from Liz S. "I'm looking into a new *large* bag to go on the sissy bar for the Athens trip this summer. I'm considering two bags: the Universal Expandable by T-Bags and the Kuryakyn Full Dresser by Bagtec

They each have their advantages from reading the descriptions. Does anyone have any recommendations based on experience with either of these brands (or specific models), or does anyone have input on other brands they like?"

From Laura S: "In the past I have used one of the original T-Bags. Back then they were un-constructed/or formed and I loved that feature, you could stuff it to the gills and because it wasn't like a big box, it would settle on the seat better when you tied it down.

Here are the things that you should take into consideration with either bag.

1 the size of your sissy bar....if the bag has a sleeve that it slides into....is it too tall, short or fat for the sleeve. If you can find one with large velcro straps that adjust to the sissy bar....much better. And if they go down to the base of the bag even better.

2. what is the bag sitting on....some people put it on a luggage rack behind the sissy bar, others put it on the passenger seat. If you have a rack, is there too much weight on the back of the bike. Take into consideration the height of your second seat.....if it is taller than your front seat, will the bag sit very high? will it make the bike feel top heavy? Is your seat narrow and too much is hanging off the sides....will it sway?

3. some of the bags come with rain covers.....I always lined mine with a plastic garbage bag before putting in the clothes.....worked beautifully.

4. how is it tied down? are the straps adjustable or do you have to use bungees on D rings......will either work with your bike... what are you going to anchor it to. Are you saddlebags going to get in the way?

If there is anyway that you can try it on your bike before buying....do so, if you are ordering it from the internet, check the return policy.....or see if someone has the bag already and you can try it on your bike.

WWW.shadetreepowersports.com has some pretty good prices and various bags, saddlebags, tankbags.....as well as rain suits, which is a must have."

From Carol P: " I use the universal T-Bags. Never tried any others. I find I can pack a lot in them. I used them to pack for 2, plus saddlebag luggage, but the T-Bags held a lot."

From Marlene K: "I have a bag that I absolutely LOVE that mounts on the sissy bar for long trips such as Athens. If I take Betty to Athens, I won't be bringing that bag (it doesn't fit on Betty, only on my other Sabre), so you are more than welcome to it for the trip.

It is a brand name, but for the life of me, the name escapes me right now (it's a blond thing, as Barb would say). Anyway, it's got plenty of storage, a hard bottom and sides, a rain cover, easy velcro closures (very heavy duty), easy on/off, and a detachable small bag for the top. There is a pic on our website on me on the old blue bike with it in the pic (I used it for the last WIM trip to WV). Let me know if you would like to take a look at - as it is great. Oh, and I paid only $100 for it too!"

From Cath G: "Last year for Sturgis I brought Dowco Rally Pck Luggage System . I got it through Belden Motosport . The cost then was $89.95 plus $10 for S & H. They sold other types and manufacturers as well. Worth checking their web if for nothing else but price. www. beldenmotosport.com"

From Barb Z: "I don't know why Laura would want a wet bag! Laura, I understand - the clothes are in a plastic bag inside the WET BAG.

There are bags today with waterproof covers that go over the bag. And there are even waterproof bags!! Imagine that!! There's a terrific vendor Hellen 2 wheels (really Hell on Two Wheels. LOL!!)
Take a look at her stuff. www.helen2wheels.com"

From Angela K: "My husband and I both have the Kuryakyn Full Dresser by Bagtec and I love
it. I've had it for at least 3-4 years. It's easy to put on and take off. It has lots of hooks so that you can add other stuff."

A Reply from Liz S: "Here's the link to the review I found - please add a note that it may be somewhat dated, as I found that unlike what was stated in the review, the T-Bag reviewed here DOES in fact have backpack straps. http://www.motorcyclecruiser.com/accessoriesandgear/sissybags04/

I'll try to get the next article (Finding Changewater) to you in the next day or so."

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