Dec. 13, 1998 Meeting and Holiday Party

One of our members, Linda, was performing an exotic dance when your webmaster walked in late. I hardly recognized her. The talents of the Spokes-Women continue to amaze me.

Linda dazzles the group

Just a wave to the right...

then a wave to the left...

Down, down,...

...down she goes

We had a spirited gift exchange. Maybe you've done this before but it was new to me. I really don't remember all the rules to this game but basically you select a gift and open it for all to see. Then others select gifts or decide to take a gift that's already been given to someone else. Once your gift has been taken away, you have to select a new one or take one away from someone else. Many found out that it's not a good idea to get too attached to any gift because you may shortly have it taken away. At any rate, the laughter was non-stop as Spokes-Women and guests ran back and forth across the room trying to get that one gift they really wanted.

Laura S. and Liz S.

Laura B. beams

Lynn having a great time

Janet wants to keep those bath oils

Kate points to her prey

Janet wants Barbara Z.'s present

Barbara is pensive at the loss

A motorcycle calendar for me?

Tina runs to get what she wants

What's this?


Future Spokes-Woman


Spokes-Women dance it up inside while...

Mir is NYC bound outside

Kim is up

Kim is down

Great gift to Walt from the Spokes-Women


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