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News Media Ignores Biker Contribution Remember the recent kidnapping of Shasta Groeneg and the murder
of her family? Bet you didn't see it on TV, but BIKERS played a big role. More
than 500 Harley-Davidson and other motorcycle riders came to empty their pockets
on behalf of the biker's daughter who survived the horrific abduction, The six
hour benefit drew more than a 1000 people who donated cash at the front door of
Cruiser's Bar & Grill, a biker hangout in this town just east of the Washington
state line. Total receipts were not announced.. "You say bikers and people think
of gangs, but these people are the best people in the world," Groene said.
"These people step up for anything and everything." And you and I know it, don't
New World Record Set A Kiwi set the world SIDE-HACK speed record. New Zealander Glenn Hayward, driving a 1000cc machine dubbed the Flying Kiwi, shattered the 19-year-old world speed record for motorcycle and sidecar on a straight stretch of highway on New Zealand's South Island. Riding with a 60 kilogram (132-pound) weight in the sidecar, Hayward reached a two-run average of 272 kph (170 mph), eclipsing the previous record of 222 kph (139 mph). A representative of the International Motorcycling Federation observed the record attempt, making it official.
Motorcycles & Alcohol Bad Mixture In SINGLE VEHICLE bike crashes, 44 percent of riders killed
were legally drunk, meaning they had a blood alcohol readings of .08 or more. Please don't drink and ride.
Motorcycle Film Wins Awards THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES,'' the story of revolutionary CHE
GUEVARA'S life-changing 1950's trip across Latin America, won top honors at the
Imagen Awards, like best picture. The film's writer also won the Norman Lear
Writer's award.
Electric Motorcycles Bellevue-Washington based Evader, Inc. maker of these new
electric high-performance vehicles powered by what they call their "EPIC"
technology, has partnered-up with the Garini Motorcycle Group of Brazil. They're building an assembly plant in central Brazil, and plan to build 110,000 gas and electric motorcycles and scooters over the next five years. The FIRST shipments
are scheduled for fall. Electric bikes are becoming a reality.
Motorcycle Rights Bumper Sticker Avaialble

In the city of GRANTS PASS, OR, members of the VAGOS MC will be filing a
civil rights lawsuit against the local sheriff., who was quoted in the paper as saying
that these club riders are NOT welcome in "his" county. So, the Chairman of the
Oregon Confereration Of Clubs, Longview Tom asked EVERYONE to put a bumper sticker on their cars and trucks saying "It is NOT illegal to be a biker".

If you would like to get one for your car or truck, go to

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