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Helmet Saves Rider From Lightening Strike A Texas man is recovering from an accident in Colorado after being hit in the head by lightening. A gold chain and crucifix melted around his neck and burned a rope pattern in his skin when a lightning bolt struck Jason Crawford in the head while he and his brother were riding dirt bikes in Gunnison County, Colorado.

The bolt melted part of his helmet, fractured his skull and left burn scars on his chest and left arm.

Still, Crawford knows it could have been worse. Doctors told him if he hadn't had his helmet on, he would have died. Even with the helmet, it took 30 stitches to close a wound in his head caused by the freak lighting strike.


DOCTORS: (A) There are 700,000 physicians in the U.S. (B) Accidental deaths caused by physicians total 120,000 per year. (C) Accidental death percentage per physician is 0.171.

MOTORCYCLES: (A) There are over 6 million motorcycles registered in the U.S. (B) There were 4,008 motorcyclist fatalities in 2004. (C) The percentage of accidental deaths per motorcycle is 0.000668.

Statistically, then, doctors are 256 times more dangerous to the public health than motorcycles.


Corpse Rides As Passenger Tijuana police discovered a passenger aboard a motorcycle involved in an accident was in fact a corpse which the driver had been carrying through the rough border city strapped to his back.

The motorcycle driver lost control and skidded in the downtown area; when a policeman approached to investigate the mishap, the driver fled on foot. The police officer checked the passenger, who had been seated behind the driver and found it was the corpse of a man who had died at least six hours earlier.

The corpse was wearing a helmet and beneath it his head had been wrapped in a towel and bound with tape, apparently to keep blood from dripping from a head wound. The corpse was also wearing a lifejacket the straps of which had apparently been used to tie him to the driver.

the dead man was believed to have been killed in a drug related incident.
BIKERS SHIELD MOURNERS One side rides motorcycles to fight what they believe is an abuse of free speech. The other side uses words and posters that, for some, seem to stretch the boundaries of First Amendment freedoms, but to them are their God-given right.

In August, a group of bikers became outraged when they heard that Fred Phelps and members of his Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., were planning to picket and protest U.S. soldiers' funerals, claiming that God is killing soldiers because He hates America, so the bikers formed the Patriot Guard, a grassroots organization that's quickly gaining momentum.

Composed of veterans' motorcycles groups, motorcycle enthusiasts, Christian motorcycle groups and people who simply consider themselves patriots, the group provides a human barrier at funerals to protect mourners from hearing and seeing the protesters.

So far, the riders have attended three funerals. The first was Staff Sgt. John Dole's funeral in Chelsea, Okla., on Oct. 11; 40 riders from Kansas participated. The second funeral was for Army Spc. Lucas Frantz in Tonganoxie, Kan., on Oct. 17; 120 riders attended that one. In early November, more than 150 cyclists participated at the funeral for Sgt. Evan Parker in South Haven, Kan.

Leno's Harley Sale Help Katrina Victims It wasn't for the prestige of owning a motorcycle once owned by late-night TV host Jay Leno, or the 78 celebrity autographs inscribed on the bike, but for charitable convictions. Southeast Missouri State University regents president John Tlapek said he submitted the highest bid on E-Bay for Jay Leno's Harley-Davidson - a half million dollars -- because he wanted to help people. All of the proceeds went to the American Red Cross hurricane relief fund.
GAS HIKES FUEL BIKE SALES If you think you're seeing more bikes on the road these days, you're right! As gasoline prices escalate, so have sales of motorcycles, as consumers opt for a more economic mode of transportation, and more fun too!

Motorcycles get 50.1 mpg on average, while passenger cars get 22.3 mpg and light trucks and SUVs get only 17.7 mpg.

A motorcycle with a 5-gallon tank can go 200-250 miles between fill-ups, which cost less than $15, while a luxury car or light truck/SUV can cost $40-$50 to travel the same distance.

It's numbers like these that have cost-conscious motorists driving less, trading in their gas-guzzling SUVs for compact cars or hybrids, or going whole hog and buying a motorcycle.
Motorcycle Doctors and Nurses RURAL AFRICA - This is tough terrain for health care workers. Roads are often washed out or potholed, if there are any roads at all. In the isolated villages, the sick and injured can’t be seen by health care workers. Sometimes, parents walk HOURS to the nearest clinic, carrying sick kids on their backs. The best way to reach these folks? By MOTORCYCLE! Nurses, docs and allied workers get out to where they’re needed, and they couldn’t do it, if not for these machines.
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