February Motorcycle News

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New Hampshire Bill Would Muffle Motorcycles

The noise generated by motorcyclists touring the coastline has motivated a group of Seacoast-area lawmakers to file a bill request with the Legislature asking the state to revise the standards for testing motorcycle noise and limiting exhaust systems.

"The communities that have a lot of motorcycle (traffic) on Sunday afternoons are the ones who have an interest here," said Portsmouth City Attorney Robert Sullivan, who helped draft the bill request after being approached by the police chiefs of Portsmouth and Rye.

It would ban "straight-pipe" exhaust systems, referring to those that don't have mufflers with noise-reducing baffles. The proposal would prohibit motorcyclists from modifying a bike's exhaust system to make it louder than the muffler originally installed on the vehicle.

The law also would prohibit motorcycles from generating a noise level measured at greater than 110 decibels. Riders found to be not in compliance with the new standards would be guilty of a traffic violation.

San Francisco named "Best Motorcycle Town in USA"

Motorcyclist magazine has crowned San Francisco and the Bay area as the best motorcycle town in America, and the San Francisco Herald trumpeted the news in a September news story.

The paper said that what makes this place Biker Central is a feeling in the local motorcycle world that the area is, as it is in other walks of life, tolerant of bikers, perhaps even friendly. Motorcycling in the Bay Area is supported by a number of factors, some of them tangible like the motorcycle only parking meters sprinkled around the city.

The also-rans were San Diego, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Denver, Daytona Beach and Columbus, Ohio.

New Mexico Considering Helmet Law for ATV riders under 18. Governor Bill Richardson has pledged his support for an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) safety bill that would require riders younger than 18 to wear a helmet and eye protection and pass a training course.

SB 252 would also establish a fee that would both pay for the training and be used to establish new ATV trails and recreation areas, require adult supervision for all riders 12 or younger and prohibit passengers on vehicles that are designed for one rider.

Richardson said 62 New Mexicans have died as a result of ATV crashes in the past 10 years. A quarter of them were 18 or younger, according to a University of New Mexico study.

A similar bill passed in the Senate last year but died in the House when time
ran out on the 30-day session.

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