January Motorcycle News

Motorcycle Game

For those of you with cell phones and bored sitting around the house on nasty days this winter, there is a new virtual motorcycle game out just for you. It's called "Ducati Extreme," by MFORMA. It's a racing game for you speed freaks. Play it on your cell phone! Don't ask me HOW, though, and please donít do it while youíre driving! Click Here for more information.
Women Riders

Women riders ARE, in fact, safer riders with fewer accidents. They take rider courses seriously. Women motorcycle riders have increased by 34% since 1998.

Electric Motorcycle Yamaha is now testing an electric fuel cell motorcycle. Click here for pictures.
Diesel Motorcycles Click Here to check out the ecycle hybrid diesel-electric motorcycle. The US Marine Corps has ordered diesel motorcycles that get 110 miles per gallon. Click here for more information.
Motorcycle Sales Up in US From an article in USA Today: Bikes are still hot! Sales jumped 111% between 1998 and 2002; They say motorcycle sales are up another 6.4%, to 996,000 bikes sold in the US in 2003; and that's the 11th consecutive year of increased sales.

Honda Card Financing Honda motor corp and the Retail Sales unit of GE Consumer Finance have a multi-year agreement that allows folks to finance Honda power Sports equipment with more attractive interest rates. It's called the Honda Card Financing Program. Look into it, just might save a dime or two. You can buy a new motorcycle even. Honda also provides Rider Safety Training in or near their sales facilities.

Discounts to Spokes-Women Members

Monmouth Cycles in Middletown, 30% over cost on parts 

Garden State BMW in Succasunna will give a 10% discount   

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