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Motorcycle Air Bags HONDA MOTORCYCLE CO.: The new Goldwing has AIR-BAGS available on the 2006 models later this spring. Lots of people say the idea of an airbag on a bike is just downright NUTS! It also can be equiped with a GPS locator. Everyone always says, a wing is is the caddy of motorcycles.
EPA LAWS LIMIT OUR BIKES Motorcycles manufactured from now on will have stringent emissions requirements and MODIFYING EXHAUSTS IS ILLEGAL, and you’ll get some HEFTY FINES if you do! And that’s FEDERAL LAW!

Virginia’s Governor Mark R. Warner has announced the creation of the Governor's Motorcycle Advisory Council. The group, comprised of state and local officials, state agency representatives, and motorcycle enthusiasts, will work to promote motorcycle safety, tourism, and business development in Virginia. The Council is the next step in Governor Warner's "Motorcycle VIRGINIA!" initiative created in 2004.

The Governor's Motorcycle Advisory Council will elevate the "Motorcycle Virginia" work group efforts that began in 2004. The group, comprised of state agencies involved in tourism, public safety, and transportation, has produced more than 50,000 "Watch for Motorcycles" bumpers tickers and launched a Web site featuring Virginia's motorcycle routes, safety guidelines, and motorcycle resource links. For more information go to

OKLAHOMA VETERANS NEEDED FOR MOTORCYCLE PLATES Veterans can now apply for special motorcycle license tags in Oklahoma. The proposal was signed into law Nov. 1, but according to the Oklahoma Tax Commission, which manages special license plate production, a minimum of 100 pre-applications are required by May 1st or the OTC won't put them into production.

The proposal, which was part of the law signed by the Governor, states "anyone honorably discharged from any branch of the United States Military" is eligible to apply for these motorcycle tags, and the proceeds will go to help fund the 45th Infantry Division Museum, one of the finest Military Museums in the country, which has had its operating budget cut in half by the state.
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SWMC members may now receive a 10-15% discount at ANY Center in the United States. All that is required is to ask for the commercial account info
AARP Offers Discount Motorcycle Insurance Did you know AARP offers its members discount motorcycle insurance? Coverage is also available for equipment and gear. Call 800-752-2461 (Dept. 8079) or log onto

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