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Bush's New Chief of Staff is a Harley Man The favorite ride of the president's new chief of staff is a Harley Fat Boy, and to appreciate how much of an insider Joshua Bolten has become in the Bush administration, suffice it to say that Bolten keeps a spare hog at President Bush's Texas ranch.

"I've ridden motorcycles for a long time. It's not just a midlife crisis," Bolten told the cable network C-SPAN in an interview last year. "The one that I ride most now, the one that's really close to my heart, is the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, a 2003 anniversary edition."

Bolten, 51, crafted campaign policy for the president and served as deputy chief of staff before becoming director of the Office of Management and Budget in June 2003. That entailed frequent travel with Bush, which led to Bolten leaving a motorcycle at the Prairie Chapel Ranch near Crawford, Texas.

In his OMB office, he displays a motorcycle gas tank commemorating the 100th anniversary of Harley-Davidson. During the 2000 campaign, he formed Bikers for Bush.

"You need to clear your mind of everything else," Bolten has said of biking,
"because if you're not concentrating properly when you're riding a motorcycle,
you're putting your life in danger."

Ape Hangers Now Legal in Kansas “Current statute states that if a rider’s hands are at or above shoulder height,
it was a violation,” said Chris Maurich, Lobbyist for ABATE of Kansas. “I
testified that this had never been a safety issue, rather a harassment issue.
Modern language called this profiling, and ABATE of Kansas wanted no
limitations, period.”

When questioned by a member of the House who asked "How tall would you
recommend?" Maurich informed the House that they wanted to eliminate all
reference to measurement. "As a colleague from Minnesota told the legislature
there, we have overpasses in the state."

Ape hangers will be legal in Kansas, upon publishing this bill in the statute book.
Rising Gas Prices Drive Motorcycling As summer days approach, motorcycle enthusiasts expect to use their Harleys, Kawasakis and Hondas more often and for longer periods of time than they did a year ago. Gas prices and a strong passion for riding are two of the main driving factors behind the increased desire to ride, according to a new survey by Nationwide Mutual Insurance.

According to the survey, 35 percent of motorcyclists said they will ride their bikes more over the next year as a result of fuel prices, turning their hobby into an everyday form of transportation. Survey respondents reported they spent 26 percent of their total riding time last year commuting to work.

Kelley of Rogers of Arkansas said, "I can fill this tank (motorcycle) about once every two weeks or I can fill the truck each week at $3 a gallon each time. Driving the motorcycle saves me about $50 a paycheck and makes the payment on the bike." Kelley rides his motorcycle to work to save money on gasoline. And he knows something that the rest of us motorcycle riders KNOW: Bikes ARE eco-friendly, and they get GREAT gas mileage. They also don't pound up pavement like four-wheelers! Meanwhile, the cost per gallon just continues to escalate.

Women Empty Nesters Take to the Road on Motorcycles

According to the AARP newsletter, there are a LOT MORE women on bikes these days and more and more of them are in all-female riding groups. The manufacturers are responding with more ergonomic bikes, and products aimed at women riders. In particular, these associations and clubs are getting a lot of "empty nesters," the AARP says, whose kids have grown and left home.

That a no brainer...How many women do YOU know with two or three little babies and possibly a job too, would still have the TIME to ride?

GPS navigation for Motorcycles Garmin, the well-known GPS manufacturer, has come up with one for motorcycles! It's called the "Street Pilot2820," and can be used hands off. Great idea for the rider who can't find his way home. You can even call home for directions if you buy the correct interface system. The thing has hotels, restaurants, stores (so momma can shop) and many other neat features.
Glow in the Dark Motorcycles Yamaha of Japan has developed a glow-in-the-dark film to coat motorcycles with, to make them more visible on highways at night. It uses a vacuum pressure process that sticks an even, thin layer of phosphorescent plastic film to irregularly shaped fenders, engine covers and cowlings. This seems better than Honda's air-bag system, available as an option on the ‘06 Gold Wings. Cage drivers might actually see us and avoid running over us! Check it out at your local Yamaha dealer. It is available now on the EC-02 electric scooter.
General Items
Gift Certificate Freehold Honda has given members of Spokes-women who signed up for it a $20 gift certificate god for one year. Thanks Michele.
Automotive Discount
SWMC members may now receive a 10-15% discount at ANY Center in the United States. All that is required is to ask for the commercial account info
AARP Offers Discount Motorcycle Insurance Did you know AARP offers its members discount motorcycle insurance? Coverage is also available for equipment and gear. Call 800-752-2461 (Dept. 8079) or log onto

Discounts to Spokes-Women Members

Monmouth Cycles in Middletown, 30% over cost on parts.

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