October-November Motorcycle News

LAW OF NATURAL SELECTION “2 Killed In Motorcycle Crash; Police Say Rider Was On Phone. On October 9, a man and his wife were killed when the motorcycle they were riding missed a curve and ran into a concrete median in Ellettsville, Indiana, and police report that the driver was simultaneously talking on a cell phone and operating the motorcycle when the crash happened. Neither was wearing a helmet.”

This newspaper report was sent to us by Tiger Mike Revere, State Director of ABATE of Oklahoma and member of the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM) board of directors. He has this to add as

“This is one heck of a shame, especially when so many of us are actively campaigning to reduce the number of motorcyclist deaths and injuries associated with OTHERS yakking on cell phones! We certainly don't need to contribute to these totals ourselves by violating the Law Of Natural Selection, which is always out there to weed out the stupid,” said Tiger Mike, adding “Of course, the idiot media had to address that they weren't wearing a helmet, but I don't think it would've mattered in this case. The most important piece of safety equipment that needed to be used wasn't, and that is what's UNDER the helmet, not the helmet itself!”

ANGRY DRUNK DRIVER RUNS HIMSELF OVER A drunk driver, who drove at a gang of bikers while waving a pool cue, ran himself over after getting out of his car. The 50-year-old was driving along Highway 4 near Concord, California, when he saw the bikers, many of whom were wearing leather and skull caps.

California Highway Patrol Officer Scott Yox told the San Francisco Chronicle the man waved a pool cue at the bikers and swerved his car towards them. The bikers split into two groups to get away and the irate driver aimed his car at two bikers who had pulled off the highway. He got out of his car with the pool cue - but before he could do anything, he was knocked down by his own car which had been left in reverse. The man was knocked into the highway and his car reversed into the center divider. Some of the bikers grabbed him and pulled him out of danger.

Authorities said they had no idea why Brooks reacted the way he did to the bikers, who kept calm and didn't retaliate. "We don't believe they went to fisticuffs with him," said Officer Yox. The man suffered cuts and scratches and was taken to a near by hospital. He could face charges of assault with a deadly weapon and drink driving.

SOBER BIKER RUNS HIMSELF OVER A 17-year-old youth allowed 408 vehicles go over his body in Orissa's Malkangiri district in India. Debraj Senapati, who practices martial arts, placed himself between two wooden slabs on a mud field and allowed the vehicles - 404 motorcycles and four cars - to run over his stomach one by one in 20 minutes in the presence of thousands of people on October 9th.

In the past, Senapati had allowed 70 vehicles - all motorcycles - to run over his body. He now plans to break the world record by allowing 500 motorcycles and five cars to run over his body.

"I aim to create a world record," Senapati was quoted as saying by a local newspaper.

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