July Motorcycle News

OLDER RIDERS Older riders now account for about half of all rider fatalities. NHTSA data show that in 2005, 47 percent of motorcycle riders killed in crashes were age 40 or over, compared with 25 percent ten years earlier. In contrast, fatalities among young motorcycle riders have declined in the past 10 years, relative to other age groups. In 2005 fatalities in the under 30-year old group dropped to 32 percent, from 50 percent in 1995. Fatalities among motorcyclists in the 30- to 39-year old group fell to 21 percent in 2005, from 26 percent ten years earlier.
DRINKING & RIDING Motorcyclists have a high incidence of alcohol use. NHTSA says that in 2005, 27 percent of motorcycle operators involved in fatal crashes had a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) over 0.08, compared with 22 percent of car drivers. This tells me we are getting better at staying sober when riding. It wasn't that long ago that the ratio was nearly 37 per cent. We can do much better folks. When ya open that beer get off the bike and stay off till yur sober. The life ya save might be your own.

The North Carolina legislature has voted to give frustrated bikers a break at red lights. Recognizing that some traffic signal sensors do not recognize and trip for motorcycles, the Senate voted unanimously for the measure and the House then voted 61-55 to send the bill to Governor Mike Easley’s desk. If he signs it, the law will take effect December 1st, allowing motorcycle riders to proceed through a red light if they’ve waited three minutes for the light to change, and if no other vehicles and pedestrians are in sight.

General Items
Gift Certificate Freehold Honda has given members of Spokes-Women who signed up for it a $20 gift certificate god for one year. Thanks Michele.
Automotive Discount
SWMC members may now receive a 10-15% discount at ANY Center in the United States. All that is required is to ask for the commercial account info
AARP Offers Discount Motorcycle Insurance Did you know AARP offers its members discount motorcycle insurance? Coverage is also available for equipment and gear. Call 800-752-2461 (Dept. 8079) or log onto http://www.aarpforemost.com/motorcycle/index.htm.

Discounts to Spokes-Women Members

Monmouth Cycles in Middletown, 30% over cost on parts.

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