August Motorcycle News

Sturgis Churches Open Doors for Bikers While many of the bikers riding through the hills in August are here to party, local churches open their doors for motorcyclists who want to express their faith in God.

Motorcycles line the parking lot Sunday morning at South Canyon Baptist Church in Rapid City.

This is just one of many churches across the Black Hills reaching out to bikers this week, where Sturgis Rally t-shirts take the place of formal attire for some in the congregation.

The pastor here says he wants to send a message that the rally is much more than concerts and parties.

"You can be a biker and have fun and still know and love God," said Pastor Richard Wells.

For those bikers who missed this church service, next Sunday First Baptist Church in Sturgis opens its doors to any remaining rallygoers with a free pancake breakfast.

Whitewood Officer Cited in Accident with Biker A Whitewood police officer has been cited for careless driving for running into an Idaho motorcyclist Aug. 10 during the Sturgis rally.

South Dakota - John Wainman Sr., a temporary officer with the Whitewood Police Department, was driving a Chevy Tahoe police vehicle at 1:13 a.m. that Friday, when he came onto Interstate 90 westbound from the Whitewood on-ramp, then attempted to cut across the lanes of traffic to get to the emergency cut-across and go east on I-90, according to South Dakota Highway Patrol reports.

Amber Richey, Lawrence County deputy state's attorney, said she has filed a complaint charging Wainman with careless driving, a class 2 misdemeanor. If convicted, Wainman could face a maximum sentence of 30 days in jail and a $400 fine. His initial court appearance has been set for Sept. 24.
The TomTom RIDER Unveiled TomTom Unveils the TomTom RIDER 2nd Edition For Motorcycles - TomTom, the world's largest navigation solutions provider, today announces the launch of the new TomTom RIDER 2nd Edition, TomTom's all-in-one navigation solution designed for bikers by bikers.
Active Duty Discount Custom motorcycle manufacturer Rhino Motorcycles, offers a special rebate program to the men and women of the United States Military. For more information about Rhino Motorcycles, or to order a custom motorcycle online, visit or call (818) 550-5000.
Free gas Triumph is giving riders gas. Free gas. Fifty-five gallons worth of it. Here's the catch, however, you have to buy a brand new Trumpet to get it. Check out the details from the press release below. more info
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Gift Certificate Freehold Honda has given members of Spokes-Women who signed up for it a $20 gift certificate god for one year. Thanks Michele.
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SWMC members may now receive a 10-15% discount at ANY Center in the United States. All that is required is to ask for the commercial account info
AARP Offers Discount Motorcycle Insurance Did you know AARP offers its members discount motorcycle insurance? Coverage is also available for equipment and gear. Call 800-752-2461 (Dept. 8079) or log onto

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