December Motorcycle News

Air Bag Jackets A company by the name of Impact Jackets has been selling motorcycle jackets with airbags for a few years, for $500. One Baltimore man would rebut any high-cost argument, since the jacket apparently saved him from plenty of pain after he was thrown 100 feet off his bike. Amazingly, the guy walked away from the crash with sore ribs and a broken thumb. Paramedics at the scene were surprised he wasn't worse off.
Death by Deer

The number of deadly crashes between bikers and deer is on the rise. Officials say ten people have been killed so far this year in Iowa alone. Eight were motorcyclists who died in crashes with Bambi. Two others died when their bikes hit a deer and then collided with another vehicle.

Bikers everywhere need to be extra careful this time of year. More deer are on the move because of the breeding season and the fall harvest. I don’t know of any state in the Lower 48 that does not have a deer population.

Motorcycle Thefts at Highest Level Ever

Motorcycle theft rates are at their highest levels nationwide, and continue on the rise. According to the most recent figures by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), 71,523 motorcycles were stolen in 2006, and motorcycle theft has risen a full 137 percent since the year 2000.

Motorcycle owners need to step up their theft protection measures in order to keep their bikes safe," said Patrick Clancy, Vice President of Law Enforcement, LoJack Corporation. "Unfortunately, using good common sense is not enough to protect bikes from today's clever thieves, who typically know just which bikes they want and how to steal them.”

LoJack and NICB have developed a booklet entitled "Get in the Know" that details the steps owners can take to protect their motorcycles from being stolen. The two nationally recognized authorities on vehicle theft and prevention have also launched a joint education initiative called the Vehicle Theft Protection Program to help owners protect their assets from theft, and began their campaign by designating July, the highest vehicle theft month of the year, as National Vehicle Theft Protection Month.

Motorcyclist killed by Lightening While Talking on Cell Phone

A Malaysian man who was talking on a mobile phone while riding his motorcycle was killed when struck by a bolt of lightning, according to news reports from Kuala Lumpur.

The man, 39, was believed to have lodged the phone between his ear and helmet and was speaking on the phone when the lightning struck. Passersby said he was thrown from the motorcycle after being struck by the bolt, the New Straits Times daily reported. He was dead on arrival at the hospital. is offering lively half-hour interviews every two weeks from Toronto, Canada. The realtime talks, hosted by freelance motojournalist Adrian Blake, cover all aspects of motorcycling, including international industry movers and shakers, professional racers, adventurers, custom builders, and a host of other passionate advocates for two-wheel motorised transport.
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