November Motorcycle News

Female wins 2007 Guam Moto-X Championships

Kelly Simpson became the first female competitor ever to win an overall round in the highly competitive premier open ATV class. Aboard her Suzuki 450 (14), Simpson took the lead early in each of her two heats to beat out Yamaha mounted Anthony Gumabon (73) and Suzuki mounted Bill Windham (29), who took second and third overall, respectively.

Simpson now holds the championship points lead in the Open ATV rookie class with 189 points over Tony Gumabon's 173 points.

Simpson also leads the women's open ATV championship class with 191 points over Keara Bucek (2) who has 185 points. In the premier open ATV class Simpson moved herself up into fifth place overall after winning Round 9 of the championship.

Harley Davidson Museum
In the summer of 2008, history will be made with the great unveiling of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Museum. The Museum will be approximately 130,000 square feet and will be located on a 20 acre tract of land on Sixth and Canal Street in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Harley Davidson has designed the Museum to work in concert with the Milwaukee city design but captures the essence of the Menomonee River.

The Museum will be a tribute and celebration of the rich Harley Davidson Company history and the impact the Company has made on motorcycling and the motorcycle lifestyle. Harley Davidson has coined the term, “Living the Legend” and visiting the Museum is part of living that legend and the Harley Davidson experience.
Ligero Electric Scooter from PGO

PGOs patented Intelligent Dual Electric Power System (iDEP), features a
plug and go, portable 2.5kg lithium ion battery which is stowed under the
seat providing power and charge to the lead-acid battery which in turn
powers the twin 500W hub motors. The lead acid battery does not require a. deep charge which extends the life of the battery and is an affordable and environmental approach to two-wheeled transport

The scooter is quick and lightweight requiring only two lead acid batteries
compared with other electric scooters that have 6 or more batteries. The
Ligero is capable of a maximum speed of 60km/h (3 7.3mph) with a range of around 45km depending on the drivers weight and road conditions and the high torque motor on both wheels provides the Ligero with good climbing ability.

The Ligero is expected to retail at around 2,000 and will be available during 2008

Maddison To Jump His Honda Over Vegas Football Field NY's Eve
Australia's Robbie Maddison will be performing a ground-breaking feat in "Sin City" when the clock strikes 12 midnight on the West Coast this New Year's Eve at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Whilst Maddison will attempt to jump the length of a football field (more than 300 feet) to set a new motorcycle distance jumping world record, Millen, will attempt the first-ever backflip of an off-road racing truck.

Representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records will be in attendance to validate each jump.

"I have ridden dirt bikes for over 20 years; this is what I do!" said Maddison. "All the success and injuries over the years have molded me into someone who wants to achieve the biggest feat on a motorcycle ever."

Maddison has achieved tremendous success in the freestyle motocross world and is already the owner of two world records - for the longest jump on a 125cc motorcycle (221 feet) and the longest jump with a trick (246 feet), both completed on Honda's.

KillaCycle Becomes 1st Electric Vehicle to Hit Quarter Mile in the 7sec Remember the KillaCycle? The electric drag bike that nearly lived up to its punny name when it collided with a parked minivan. Rebuilt better, stronger, faster... kinda like the Six Million Dollar Man of motorcycles, the bike was souped up with A123 Systems Nanophosphate battery cells that produce an incredible 500 horsepower, hooked up to beefier 27 x 10 M&H Racemaster tires. The result? A mind blowingly fast, world record setting quarter mile blast to 168 mph in a mere 7.82 seconds.
Bikers New Online Radio Talk Show is offering lively half-hour interviews every two weeks from Toronto, Canada. The realtime talks, hosted by freelance motojournalist Adrian Blake, cover all aspects of motorcycling, including international industry movers and shakers, professional racers, adventurers, custom builders, and a host of other passionate advocates for two-wheel motorised transport.
General Items
Active Duty Discount Custom motorcycle manufacturer Rhino Motorcycles, offers a special rebate program to the men and women of the United States Military. For more information about Rhino Motorcycles, or to order a custom motorcycle online, visit or call (818) 550-5000.
Gift Certificate Freehold Honda has given members of Spokes-Women who signed up for it a $20 gift certificate god for one year. Thanks Michele.
Automotive Discount
SWMC members may now receive a 10-15% discount at ANY Center in the United States. All that is required is to ask for the commercial account info
AARP Offers Discount Motorcycle Insurance Did you know AARP offers its members discount motorcycle insurance? Coverage is also available for equipment and gear. Call 800-752-2461 (Dept. 8079) or log onto

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