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June 2012

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Why the Site Wasn't Updated for a While.

by Donna Warren

During the past year, the spokeswoman motorcycle club has gone through a lot of changes. In the past we have been a very formal club dedicated to helping promote motorcycling as a sport for all kinds of people and not only the stereotypical biker gangs.

We also spent a lot of time and effort raising money for charities that help women and children.

Although we were also a social and riding club, we spent more time on image and charitable activities than on riding. The membership voted last fall to change that. In January we created committees to look into what changes we would make.

While this process is still ongoing we hope to have a new structure in place soon. We haven't gone anywhere. We are just changing to meet the new realities of our society and put our primary focus back on riding.

Women in Motorcycle History

The pictures below are of Dot Robinson, the first women to ride her motorcycle cross country. She also was a regular competitor in many of the endurance runs in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. She helped found the Motormaids in 1941 which was the first woman's motorcycle club in America. The picture on the left was from the 1930s, the one on the right when she was 72.

Dot Robinson


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