by Barbara Zimmeran

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2002 started out right with the Blue Knights IX's escorted run through beautiful Sussex County. Yours truly and Laura Sisto joined the 400 riders who braved the 24 degree temperature for this annual New Year's Day event. 

2001 was a mighty good year! We celebrated Spokes-Women's Tenth Anniversary at our Holiday Party at Buzzy's on December 9th. The party was a huge success thanks to Janet Britland, Liz Smith, Laura Sisto, Kim Jancewicz and Mike, Buzzy's owner, who took wonderful care of us. The food was great! Special thanks to Janet and Bill Britland for the lovely invitations and for getting Susan Wickham to make that fantastic cake topped with our patch - made of icing! Yum!

We especially enjoyed having some of the originators of the Spokes-Women with us, Mia Dudley who created the Spokes-Women patch, Jean Pinelli, and our still current member Janet Britland. Thanks to Kim and Tom Jancewicz for sharing "their amazing home made wines" - to quote the praises from Laura Joiner's e-mail. And thank you Janet and Liz for refereeing the annual grab and snatch bag. That continues to be a highlight of our party.

Kudos to Kim DeWolfe for being the only one to ride to the Party and smite the inevitable helmet-hair. 
Our next meeting is Sunday, January 13, 2001, time and place will be posted on the newsletter website. Kim DeWolfe is bringing bagels. Roe McCracken and Claudia Roman are the sweets team. 
Two super social events are coming up. The AMA District II Dinner Dance will be held on February 9th. For $20.00 you will have a family style dinner, DJ and comedian, and full bar all evening. Contact me for tickets.

On February 23rd, the North Jersey Rider's will hold their much acclaimed $18.00 Venison Dinner Dance with pheasant soup and venison cooked in many marvelous ways. Cash bar. Contact Laura Sisto for tickets. 

Our new officers for 2002 - ta da - in addition to yours truly in a second term as President, are Roe McCracken in her second term as Vice President, Kim Jancewicz in her umpteenth term as secretary, Donna Warren who started mid-2001 as newsletter editor/web mistress is continuing in 2002, and our newbie Board members - fresh blood indeed - Marlene Smith as Treasurer and Lauri Travis as Membership Chair and Laura Sisto as Road Captain. Laura will coordinate the rides. Members will take turns leading different rides! So, pick a ride -- any ride -- anywhere -- and let Laura know.

We look forward to a great year of riding, friendship and plain old fun.  

January will kick off the year with our annual fundraiser - chocolates for Easter, March 23rd. This is the must do fund raiser for our members. We will get our committee together at January's meeting and schedule the dates for the kits and cluster making. Cluster making is fun. For those of you who have done it -- I say no more.

We will also decide on the charities we will support in 2002. If anyone would like to suggest a charity to the Club please have all the information available concerning the charity particularly the percentage of donations that goes to those the charity is intended to benefit. In the recent past we have primarily supported the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. We also made smaller contributions to other charities during the year.  
Big Rides -

Americade, Lake George, NY June 3-8. Honda Hoot, Knoxville, TN, June 19-22. Mid Atlantic Women's Motorcycle Rally, Ocean City, MD, June 20-22. AMA's Women & Motorcycling Conference June 29 to July 3, Wesleyan College, West Virginia. Judy hopes to do her "Autumn in VT" trip in August this year.  

The meeting dates for 2002 are 1/13, 2/3 (because of Legion conflict), 3/10, 4/14, 5/5 (because of Mother's Day on the 12th), 6/16 (because of Americade), 7/14, 8/11, 9/8, 10/13, 11/10 and 12/8. We will meet at the American Legion in Piscataway on the corner of Washington Avenue and Summers Street. We will try to have July's meeting at the Quarry. The meetings from May to September will begin at 9:00 a.m. so we can ride. The meetings will begin at 10:00 a.m. for October and November and from January to April. The time and place for the December 8 abbreviated meeting, installation of officers and Holiday Party will follow. 

May we all have a wonderful New Year of peace, love and joy and riding!


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