by Barbara Zimmeran

There's so much we've done this summer that I don't know where to start.  We did two parades this year -- the Freehold Memorial Day Parade in the East and the Randolph Freedom Festival Fourth of July Parade in the northwest.  All the Big Rides are done.  We're been to Wildwood, Americade, MAWMR, and finished up with Judy's "Autumn in July" Vermont trip last week.  I don't know how she did it but Judy even supplied us with autumn weather! The mornings were crisp.  The days were sunny with very pleasant temperatures in the 70's. The temperatures sank to the 40's overnight.  We stayed near Killington and visited Stowe and Ben and Jerry's.  Everyone did some form of twisties.  The real sports rode two gaps that put them to the test.  Linda Sackerman described her ride with Kate Casano and Bill Dudley through Smuggler's Notch like riding around boulders in your living room.  We had a grand 14 for dinner on our last night, in Woodstock, VT.

 The Board is already looking into our Fall datebook.  To start, we have October's Cyclefest, then the "Trick or Suite" Halloween celebration at Embassy Suites.  Kim (Commando) Jancewicz's training for the National Guard has forced us to think about the date for our December Holiday Party.  Kim, always one step ahead of the rest of us, (toilet trained too early I suspect), will finish her basic training after the second Sunday in December.  So Kim asked us to consider having our Holiday Party on December 15 or 16!  I feel like a kid watching summer fly away as the school supplies pop up in the stores.  And, alas, Labor Day is so early this year!

Well, we will have another go at the Quarry this Sunday, August 12.  AMA District II's Corn Boil follows next on Sunday, August 26.  We still need more people to commit to cooking for the Spokes-Women's shift from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  The Corn Boil is a 50-mile lime run from Harley of Edison in Highland Park, to the VFW, on Rte 23 in Cedar Grove.  Sign-up is from 9:00 a.m. to noon.  So this year you can enjoy the ride and get to the food early.  We'll be raring to cook by 2:00!  It's a great opportunity to be totally at the center of attention in your Spokes-Women vest!

Have you visited our remodeled web site and web newsletter?  We really appreciate Donna Warren's ideas and great work.  Donna and Kate Casano are whipping the web site into shape!  It's hard to believe that the newsletter could get better after Tina brought her new ideas into the mix.  We have such talented people in our Club.  Thank you all!

If you have any ideas for a ride before the Polar Bear electric clothes come out holler.  Bring your ideas to the meeting Sunday.  See you at the Quarry!   


We will meet Sunday, weather permitting at the Quarry at 11:00 a.m.  Call the Hotline before you leave for the Quarry - sometimes it rains in one part of the state and not another.  Directions:

From Routes 1 and 18 -- Take Rte 18 north toward New Brunswick.  Take the Rte 27 south turnoff by the first bridge.  Take Rte 27 almost to Princeton. Turn right onto Rte 518 west.  Continue on 518 into Hopewell.  Bear left at the fork in the road, Rte 654, to Pennington.  Go 2 miles.  The Quarry Swim Club is on the left on Crusher Rd across from a restaurant.

Most of you have already made the trip and know the way.  But I have specific directions from Freehold and the Northwest if you haven't been to the Quarry before or forget how you got there.  You may want to check with others from your area to ride with them.  Please call me (732) 967-9211, or, e-mail me if you directions for your area.  We can also plan to meet at the Legion to ride together. 


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