Recap of the Summers Events: Belmar

by Roe McCracken

The summer has come and gone…WOW. Talk about how time flies. The summer has passed through in a whorl-wind and as I think back I wonder where all the time went.  Unfortunately not enough of my time was spent on the bike this year, but I’m sure that’s what all bike lovers complain about.

Many great events for motorcyclist are held every year around the globe and especially in the state of New Jersey. I was able to attend very few this year. There was one event I would like to write about that was an especially good time for me and the club members that joined me on that day.

It was spring….you can tell I’m not ready for winter…and the event was the Belmar Seafood Festival. While this is not a motorcycle event, it is an event our group tries to ride to each year.  Held in Belmar on the coast, it’s a fun time for everyone.

Our day started off riding on the back roads and highways leading us from the American Legion in Piscataway to the Atlantic Ocean’s coast along Belmar.  Barbara led us along the back roads and Marlene took over once we got closer to the coast.  As always Barb spoiled us by finding the best back road riding available between the legion and the coast. When the roads are no longer fun, Marlene gets us to the coast with typical Jersey Highway cruising speeds.

Even though the day was off to a sunny start,  the clouds were trying to dominate. The weather was warm, and as we cruised down the boulevard the roads and sidewalks were packed with cars, motorcycles and people.  Trying to find parking when you’re in a group is always a challenge.

We park our bikes, remove our riding gear, and the aroma of the festival foods quickly entices our olfactory senses.  Weaving our way through the vendor booths and exhibits we find the rows of seafood specialties.  While enjoying our food we talk about the day’s ride and the events that will soon capture our summer.  The sounds of a local rock and roll band play in the background. Soon we are off exploring the booths and running in to other familiar faces.  Some of us buy and some of us just walk around enjoying all the sights and sounds.  

Our day ends with a stroll down the boardwalk pausing to watch the ocean as we savor some ice cream.  As we mount our bikes and head off for home we anxiously await the next opportunity to straddle our bikes and head for some sweet curvy roads to enjoy the sport we love.


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