Labor Day and the end of SummerÖ


Marlene Smith

September, 2004


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OK, so we all know that Labor Day isnít the official end of summer, but we somehow recognize it as such. Kids are going back to school, the nights seem just a little bit cooler, the days are noticeably shorter, and we can even see some of the summer leaves already falling to the ground.

I also notice the need to bundle up just a bit more while riding. Those of you who know me know that I am chilly when it gets below 70 degrees (hey, Iím delicate), so I guess I really canít be that much of a barometer as far as the weather is concerned, but when I start bringing out the neck-warmer, you know the cold weather isnít too far behind.

Even though the cool weather seems to be nipping at our heels, it doesnít mean the riding season is over yet! We still have plenty of rides planned right through September and October. Though each season is special in itís own right, this time of the year just seems to be spectacular. Just the vibrant fall colors of the leaves changing will make your journeys even that much more of a joy. Donít forget to check the ride schedule on the website for those planned rides.

As a matter of fact, we just had a covered bridge ride through Pennsylvania a few weeks ago that must be even more beautiful during Fall. We had the pleasure of seeing nine covered bridges. Bob Hartpence, of Polar Bear fame, was kind enough to lead the ride. We have plenty of pictures and got to see more of Bucks County than I ever knew existed. I didnít realize that Bob had a Global Positioning System installed in his head. There were so many roads closed and so many detours. I donít know how Bob did it! He just nonchalantly turned in another direction and we somehow always ended up at our intended destination.

We also recently rode to Maryland as a group too. The riding was the great part of the trip, thanks to Laura and her insane sense of direction, but the crabs and seafood were the best part. We all had a lot of fun and canít wait to do that trip again. That is, of course, provided we donít have the added excitement of a medical emergency again! ĎNuff said, but I thank our lucky stars that everyone is OK and right as rain. Of course, if you have some ideas of your own for a special ride or two, just make sure you let our Ride Captain know and weíll get it on the schedule.

And remember, our riding season isnít necessarily over when the weather gets really cold. There are a few of us who do ride through the winter months with the Polar Bear Club. I, and a few others, use heated gear when riding, though weíve all done our time without it. There are one or two who still insist on riding without the heated stuff Ė I just canít figure out how they do it!

Well, happy riding this month and enjoy the change of the season, and the unofficial end of Summer. Be careful with all those falling leaves, especially around those curves. Looking forward to an Indian Summer in just a few weeksÖ

"Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each."
Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

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