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Alex Pesacreta

April 7, 2006


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Well, the calendar said Spring on the 20th, but it has been a slow warm up so far! How is everyone doing? Have you gone into your garage or shed to visit your 2 wheeled form of freedom?

Now is the time to go and take off the cover and perform those T-CLOCK inspections. Also, before your dealership starts to get really crazy, bring the bike in for service and a routine check. I brought mine to the dealer mid-March for the usual, oil change, fluid level checks etc.. Now all I have to do is give it a good wash and polish and I am ready to go!

There is so much to look forward to this riding season! Last weekend, April 1 and 2, The Spokes-Women had a booth at the E.Penn Motorcycle Show at the Atlantic City Convention Center. We were there in full force promoting the Club and selling chocolate motorcycles for the charities we support annually (Susan G. Komen/Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).

Our Club's Ride Captain, Marlene, has been diligently working on this season's ride schedule. It should be posted soon so check it out! It will make me so proud to see all those red vests heading down the road and at the conference!

I am especially excited about the ride to Athens, Georgia for the AMA International Women in Motorcycling Conference. The conference is scheduled to begin June 30 - July 3, 2006. It has been a few years since the last conference which was held in West Virginia (I missed that one), so the 20 of us from the Spokes-Women Motorcycle Club who are going are looking forward to the event. It will make me so proud to see all those red vests heading down the road and at the conference!

Another bit of news that makes me happy was in an article by Kelli Kennedy, an Associated Press Writer. Her article titled: Women Finding Camaraderie in Biker Clubs was passed on to me by Marlene, who came upon it on Yahoo's News section.

The Industry Council, based in Irvine, Calif., reported that "the number of women who own their own bikes increased 36%, that is 635,000 between the years 1998 to 2003".

WOW! And guess what... these are not the stereotypical "biker babes". These are career women, stay-at-home mom's, Cancer survivors, scientist's, attorney's etc... Well duh...aren't we all of those? It's about time the motorcycle industry take notice! And apparently Harley Davidson and a company called Ultra Motorcycle have. They are designing lighter bikes, custom fit gears and lower seats. Beautiful.

When I see a woman motorcyclist on the road, I get a big smile on my face and say "Go Girl"! I also wonder if she knows that there are more women out there just like her.

Well, I know there are! Some of the best women I know ride motorcycles (and of course are Spokes-Women). So, get on the web, find a women's motorcycle club in your area (or start your own!) and start riding with women who share your passion. You'll be surprised how much better your life will be!



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