Kings, Convicts, Fallen Trees
& Dead Phones...


Alex Pesacreta

August 20 , 2006


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Last month I told you about the weather conditions that we encountered on our trip down to Athens, Georgia. I also promised to tell about the crazy things that happened. So here we go....

As you know, we had 2 1/2 days of torrential rain. It was during this time that my cell phone got wet and went kaput (of course it was the only item not in a plastic zip bag). No problem I thought, when I get to Athens I will head to the nearest Sprint/Nextel store and get it replaced. Right. The listing in the local yellow pages of the Nextel store location was wrong (the store moved). Once the guy finished chit-chatting with the 2 southern belles ahead of me, I bought a battery (I had left the phone behind) and hoped for the best. No luck. I returned the next day only to find a sign on the door that said "back in 5". I waited. And waited. Apparently, the "be back in 5" is wide open for interpretation. 5 minutes. 5 hours. 5 days. 5 months. The south is really laid back. The phone was finally replaced once I returned to Jersey.

In Tennessee while visiting with Pat's friends Kerry and Maryann, a T-storm came through the area with very heavy rain, gusty winds and lots of lightening. We were in the house (actually sheltered from the storm as opposed to riding in it) and waited for it to pass before we left for the hotel (there's a first). Kerry and Maryann's home is in a fairly rural area (no street lights etc.). So when we left (van leading a few bikes then the truck & trailer) we were stopped by a tree that had fallen across the road. While Pat went to go get Kerry,

Laura (who waits for no one), ordered the bikes to turn around to go the other way back to the main road. Well, we finally made our way back, but only after riding in the pitch black night and (thanks to a good sense of direction) taking the right roads! I was sure we would end up in the next state. Those country roads are not so quaint at night.

In Kentucky, we stopped for lunch in the town of Jenkins. Unfortunately, the cafe was closing and the police (who were there for some incident) directed us to a place down the road that was "biker friendly". OK...We ended up at a place called " King and Alice's". Painted in two colors, orange and black, and looking like it had seen much better days, we parked our bikes in the gravel lot wondering what waited for us inside.

Not only did we enjoy a nice lunch, but we were also honored by the presence of "The King" himself, aka Carl Adkinson.We were entertained with his stories (when you could understand him), received a copy of two songs about him (on one song he claims to be playing the banjo) and had a great time!

We also met his daughter and granddaughter (who brought her pink helmet) as well as had our picture taken with him outside the palace. By the time you read this, I will have sent him a Spokes-Women t-shirt as well as a framed picture of the group of us while we were there. What a blast!

Both Laura and Barbara had the distinct pleasure of rubbing elbows with convicts. Barbara, who was waiting in the shack of the local recycling center for a tow truck for her bike (another story) was having coffee and chit-chatting with the two workers. One of the workers, a young man, had on a black/white striped shirt with the name of the county jail. Barbara assumed it was just a "fashion" statement shirt that most young people wear these days. Ha! Turns out he was doing his community service for some crime.

Laura, on the other hand, was stopped on the side of the road with a few of us, waiting for the rest of our group to catch up. The local sheriff pulled up (in his minivan) and asked Laura if everything was OK. She told him we were just waiting and asked the sheriff if he could turn around and find the others (at this time, I am behind the van and notice a pair of hands handcuffed and holding this huge sandwich in the back seat). The sheriff mumbled something to Laura and left (the cuffed pair of hands waved goodbye). Laura didn't realize (and she NEVER misses anything) that the sheriff was transporting a convict and couldn't help out!

Well, that is all for now! Read some of the other articles members have written. They are just as interesting. Have a great month!



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