Spokes-Women MC: A Year in Review
Alex Pesacreta
December , 2006


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Happy Holidays Everyone! This is the time of year we celebrate our individual faith, spend time with family and friends, shop, decorate, wrap, bake and cook. It is a busy time but also a time for remembering, giving thanks and looking forward to the new year approaching.

2006 was my first year as Club President and what a year it was!

Setting off the alarm at the Legion (the police showed up), amending a section of the Bylaws, redesigning, printing and distribution of the Club fliers (thank you Pat!), finding the Club banner (thank you Roe!), setting up a table at the Atlantic City Motorcycle show in April to promote the Club and sell chocolate (thanks to Pat, Christy, Arden, Susan, Marlene, Janet, Adrienne, Mickey, Jay, Donna, Jan and Rob), making, (testing) and boxing clusters, organizing and distributing the chocolate sales (thanks to Barbara and Jane), selling raffle tickets and of course providing the winning baskets (thank you Janet!). Meeting with author Mickey Pearlman who plans to include the interview with the Spokes-Women in her upcoming book (thank you to Michele Reutty).

By June we were well into the riding season. But the fun was just beginning!
Twenty two of us embarked on the trip to Athens, Georgia for the AMA's Women in Motorcycling Conference. Tam and Judy were held up by a couple of days due to vehicle trouble, but were able to meet up with us in NC. The incredible rain conditions the first two days claimed Marlene, Janet and Susan (smarter than the rest of us, they went home!) and separated Linda, Donna, Janet and Jan (besides mechanical issues) by a day.

By the end of the two week trip, 11 of us made it home. We traveled through 10 states, tackled the Dragon, attended the conference, made new friends and returned with an experience worth its' weight in gold. Thank you to Laura for all her had work and dedication planning this trip.

The second half of this year has seen more riding, new bikes purchased, a new knee (Jane), new babies (welcome Sara!), new additions to families (Hi Alex!) and new members welcomed into the Club. We rode and lunched with the Jersey Girls and the Divas (members of WITW). Went on a covered bridge tour led by Bob Hartpence and "Trick or Suited" our way through as pirates and wenches and delighted the children (I believe we had more fun!). Pat did a fantastic job organizing pictures and showing the DVD she created about this year's trip and events. The year wrapped up with the Club's annual Holiday party held at Buzzy's (a BIG thanks to Liz for securing the location, menu and price!) with entertainment (Pat), gifts and prizes!

Whew! It was a busy year! But you know what? 2007 is already gearing up to be just as interesting! Our new Ride Captain Laura (along with assistance from other members) will be planning a ride schedule full of diverse trips. There are several wonderful women who are in the process of completing the requirements for membership. Several of us will be heading down to Daytona for bike week in March and a trip to Nova Scotia is in the works. Michele Reutty is the newly appointed "Chocolate Maven", replacing Barbara (Thank you Barbara for all your hard work!).

I am confident 2007 will be a great year for the Club and am looking forward to a safe and fun riding season. Thank you to all of you who make this Club the BEST women's riding club in NJ. I am honored to be a part of this great group of people! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!


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